This ‘out there’ billionaire donor is encouraging the GOP’s worst extremes: conservative

This ‘out there’ billionaire donor is encouraging the GOP’s worst extremes: conservative

In the past, Peter Thiel was often described as a libertarian. But these days, the PayPal founder and billionaire political donor is much more MAGA and only wants Republican candidates who are as Trumpified as possible. Never Trump conservative Tim Miller takes a look at Thiel’s efforts to “remake” the Republican Party in a video posted by The Bulwark on March 17.

“He’s investing tens of millions in candidates who hew to an extreme nationalist agenda,” Miller explains in his video. “Here’s Thiel’s political spiel: crack down on immigration, go after big tech, isolationist foreign policy that’s tough on China but soft on Putin, dismantle big parts of the federal government, support Bitcoin and other alternative currencies, reject climate science. And of course, clamp down on anything he finds too woke.”

One of the far-right MAGA extremists who has been applauding Thiel is Steve Bannon, host of the “War Room” podcast and former White House chief strategist under President Donald Trump. Bannon said of Thiel, “I don’t think it’s just about flipping the Senate. I think Peter wants to change the direction of the country.”

The fact that Bannon likes Thiel so much, Miller warns, says a lot about Thiel’s ideology.

“(The) dude is so out there that even Steve Bannon described his proposals as far more disruptive than what Trump wanted,” Miller observes. “And the frightening part is, this guy does have an eye for predicting the future. He started PayPal and was among the first investors to Facebook. The last time oil prices skyrocketed, he was on it.”

Miller notes that in Wyoming, Thiel would like to see “anti-Trumper” Rep. Liz Cheney unseated — adding, “Still love ya, Liz.”

“He’s planning to finance a future of smart Trumps who share the former guy’s anti-democratic tendencies, but might be more competent when it comes to actually, you know, pulling it off,” Miller warns. “And because Thiel’s vision for the GOP might actually come to pass, you should get a sense for just how out there he can be.”

Miller continues, “Thiel wrote a book arguing that it actively makes things worse when we worry so much about racism and multiculturalism. He said he doesn’t think freedom and democracy are compatible, in part because women and welfare recipients are allowed to vote, and they don’t love their freedoms like White bros do. He’s a climate change truther…. And right now, it’s been the Thiel-backed candidates who have been the most vocal about the U.S. not doing anything to stop Russia’s advances in Ukraine.”

Watch the video below:

Peter Thiel's Frightening Spiel | Not My Party with Tim

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