Conservative Never Trumper takes on ‘Putin apologists’ in a scathing --but humorous-- video

Conservative Never Trumper takes on ‘Putin apologists’ in a scathing --but humorous-- video

The Bulwark, a conservative website known for prominent Never Trumpers such as Bill Kristol, Charlie Sykes, Amanda Carpenter and Mona Charen, hasn’t hesitated to call out MAGA apologists for Russian President Vladimir Putin. And Never Trumper Tim Miller, in a biting but humorous video posted by The Bulwark on March 10, slams pundits and politicians who have been apologists for Putin’s vicious invasion of Ukraine — which has cost thousands of people their lives.

Miller, a former GOP activist and scathing critic of former President Donald Trump, tells viewers, “To all the Putin apologists out there, here’s my love letter to you…. I want to take on arguments made by influencers on the anti-war left and the populist right…. It’s everyone from the DSA to Candace Owens who argue it’s really the U.S. that’s at fault here.”

Miller slams former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard — who has recently been echoing a lot of MAGA talking points — for saying that Russia had “legitimate security concerns” about Ukraine because of NATO.

“Number one, Russia has nukes,” Miller explains. “So, what exactly is their ‘legitimate security concern?’ Ukraine is no threat to them militarily. Number two, Ukraine isn’t in NATO. In 2008, when they tried to join, other European countries rejected them. So, what exactly was the imminent danger to Russia in 2022?”

Miller continues, “Number three, if Russia is butthurt that Ukraine has increased ties with Europe over them, well that’s too bad. It’s what Ukrainians repeatedly voted for. If the Ukrainian people decide that they want to join NATO, Russia doesn’t get to bomb, terrorize, and invade them. That makes Russia the imperialist aggressor.”

Another target in Miller’s video is journalist Glenn Greenwald, who recently said, “Let’s look at the tensions that were created by Russiagate. All of this constant messaging — Russia as this grave threat — these are the fruits we’re now seeing of it.”

Miller, in response, says, “Russia did not attack another country because of the Mueller investigation.”

Miller also slams the far-right conspiracy theorists who have been attacking Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, during the Ukraine crisis.

“If you believe this could be some sinister NOW/Hunter Biden/Military Industrial Complex plot, then I’m asking you to log off Reddit, take a walk around the block, and consider why regular, everyday Ukrainians are either taking up arms to defend their country or fleeing in terror,” Miller tells viewers. “These people need our help. So, we must ignore the Russia apologists, and continue to do whatever we can to help.”

Watch the video below:

Terrible Ukraine Takes Exposed | Not My Party with Tim

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