Geraldo Rivera lashes out after conservative journalist slams Fox News’ Ukraine commentary

Geraldo Rivera lashes out after conservative journalist slams Fox News’ Ukraine commentary
Geraldo Rivera in 2011, Wikimedia Commons

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera lashed out at Never Trump conservative David Frum after the journalist posted a tweet slamming the Kremlin talking points that have come from some opinion hosts at the right-wing cable news outlet.

On March 21, Frum tweeted, “I'm trying to recall a single instance of a resignation of conscience at Fox News over the network's support for Putin's war. Marina Ovsyannikova risked life and liberty to tell her viewers the truth. Is there one wealthy Fox director or employee willing to forgo a single check?”

After seeing Frum’s tweet, Rivera angrily posted, “Fuck you. You don’t know me. Do you even have a job?”

Frum, a right-wing conservative who has been a scathing critic of former President Donald Trump, regularly appears in The Atlantic and other major publications.

The disparity between Fox News’ hard news division and far-right opinion host Tucker Carlson has been evident during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While Carlson has been an apologist for Russian President Vladimir Putin and been more than happy to push Kremlin talking points, Fox News’ hard news division has had plenty of boots-on-the-ground reporting from Ukraine during the conflict — and some Fox correspondents have been killed in Ukraine, including cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and Ukrainian correspondent Oleksandra Kuvshynova.

Mother Jones’ David Corn recently reported that Carlson’s commentary has been so pro-Putin that a Kremlin memo urged state-owned Russian television to feature him more prominently.

Frum, in his March 21 tweet, obviously wasn’t referring to Zakrzewski or Kuvshynova, but to all the pro-Putin comments that Carlson has drawn so much criticism for.

Mediaite’s Michael Luciano, reporting on Rivera’s anti-Frum tweet, commented that it is false to say that Fox News universally supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Luciano wrote, “Numerous Fox News hosts, including Rivera, Jesse Watters, and Sean Hannity, have vocally supported sending military aid to Ukraine.”


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