'It's actually called projection': Fox News host goes on wild propaganda-filled rant on right-wing talk show

'It's actually called projection': Fox News host goes on wild propaganda-filled rant on right-wing talk show
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Fox News pundit Lara Logan fired off a barrage of conspiracy theories about a wide range of topics in an appearance on The Stew Peters Show on Tuesday that included repeating propaganda originating from the Kremlin.

Logan, who hosts Fox Nation, served up a platter of unfounded falsehoods about COVID-19, defended Russian President Vladimir Putin's genocidal war in Ukraine, and accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of being a manevolent tyrant on par with murdered Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi, executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Logan claimed that the United States is planning to carry out false-flag attacks in Ukraine that it can blame on Moscow – a false talking point that Putin has used to manipulate his own population into supporting his bloody conquest in Ukraine. Numerous intelligence reports have indicated that it is Russia that may engage in biological and/or chemical warfare under dubious pretenses.

Ironically, Logan suggested that the US and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies are using "projection" to cover for their own dastardly deeds, which is precisely the type of deception that Putin and the Republican Party employ daily.

Logan also defended former President Donald Trump's attempt to exploit Ukraine by withholding foreign aid unless it produced dirt on President Joe Biden's son Hunter, for which Trump was impeached for the first time in 2019. She even brought up Hillary Clinton's loss to Trump in the 2016 election, insisting that Clinton cheated because she only wrote a victory speech.

A partial transcript is below courtesy of Media Matters for America:


You know, what's to me is even worse, Stew? What they've ignored is what Zelenskyy has done since he's been in office. If you go to Donbas in the east of Ukraine, if you go to Odessa, if you go to Lugansk, you know what you'll find? Mass graves all across the east of Ukraine, and that is on Zelenskyy's watch. It's Zelensky and the Ukrainian military and paramilitaries who have put those people in the ground when they voted to secede, when they showed that the people were, at least a majority were, in favor of, you know, being independent and going — or going with Russia. You know, that was not a narrative that the West was ever, you know — we weren't going to tell that story. We were just going to ignore it. We're going to parrot out what Zelenskyy and the West want us to say about Ukraine, and we're going to ignore the memorials to those killed. You know, in Odessa during one of the protests, right, people went into a public building and it was set on fire — of course nobody knows who — and guess what, as the people were coming out of the windows and coming out of wherever they could to avoid being burned alive, they were being bludgeoned to death and shot. OK? And guess by whom? By the very people that we have been arming and equipping.

Don't forget, you know, with Ukraine impeachment, right? That whole thing was about, oh, you know, Trump withheld necessary aid for just, you know, for a matter of, you know, a few hours or for a moment. And our allies needed that so desperately — our allies who you can, you don't have to look very far to find pictures of our allies holding up the NATO flag and their battalion flag and the swastika. So I just want to understand this — where it's OK for the United States to arm, fund, support, and equip Nazis in the Ukraine. But it's not OK to vote for Donald Trump. That makes you an instant Nazi here, which is a death sentence in America.

Stew Peters:

I mean, is that or is it that the network is owned by the same people, you know, the Blackrocks and the Vanguards and the investors like [George] Soros and Pfizer? And that's why Hannity has to shill for the shots. And that's why they have to say that Putin is the enemy and that he's bad and that he's going to use, by the way, chemical weapons against the people of Ukraine. No, no, no. Predictions — Stew Peters Show prediction: Ukraine is going to use weapons — chemical weapons — against its own people at the direction of the U.S. State Department and then we are ready to blame it on Vladimir Putin. We did this in Libya, we did this in Iraq, we did this in Syria when Obama drew the red line. It's going to happen, isn't it?


So I would agree 100 percent with that part of what you're saying. It's actually called projection; in information warfare terms, what you do is you project your actions or motivations or whatever it is onto your adversary in advance so that when it happens, you've already set the stage, right? It's shaping, shaping the information environment. It's kind of like — you project that there's going to be a blue wave in Texas, even though your candidate is against gods, against guns, and against, you know, gas, and there's no way that the majority of Texans support somebody like that. And why are you projecting that? Because you are shaping the environment so that when you cheat and push someone through who should never have won, people believe it. You've set the stage, right? You've laid the groundwork just like they did with Trump and the mail-in ballots. Oh, it'll look like Trump is winning. And then when the mail-in ballots are counted, Joe Biden's going to win.

Watch below:

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