Attorney George Conway: Trump’s best Jan. 6 defense may be saying that he’s '​completely insane and stupid'

Attorney George Conway: Trump’s best Jan. 6 defense may be saying that he’s '​completely insane and stupid'
Conservative attorney George Conway, MSNBC

While GOP strategist and former Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway has been a staunch defender of the ex-president, her husband, conservative attorney George Conway has been the total opposite. Conway, who was delighted to see Democrat Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election, has been a scathing Trump critic and believes that he has been terrible for the conservative movement.

George Conway and veteran conservative columnist Mona Charen, a former Nancy Reagan speechwriter, have a mutual disdain for Trump — and they discussed possible legal strategies for Trump when Charen hosted The Bulwark’s “Beg to Differ” podcast on March 11 and he appeared as a guest.

Conway told Charen that when it comes to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s investigation of the January 6, 2021 insurrection, “You have to look at Donald Trump because all the roads lead to him.”

The attorney said of Garland’s probe, “All of these facts are coming out, and we haven’t seen all of them yet because the January 6 committee hasn’t released them all…. They’re still digging, and they’re still taking testimony — and they’re still conducting interviews and seeking documents.”

Trump, Conway added, could be prosecuted under a law that prohibits interrupting an official government proceeding. And if Trump were to face some type of January 6, 2021-related prosecution, the attorney argued, ignorance might be his best defense.

Charen asked Conway where things stand for Trump legally if he “had a good-faith belief that the election was stolen.” And the conservative attorney told Charen, “As a matter of law, he learned, in so many different ways, that he had lost — and frankly, he said to people, one of whom I know very well, but I won’t specify who she is: How could I have lost to this guy? And she basically said: You know, you ran a crappy campaign. She wasn’t alone in telling him that. I’m not — again — I’m not going to say who that was.”

Charen’s guest appeared to be referring to his wife, Kellyanne Conway.

“So, he knew he lost, OK?” the attorney told Charen. “He admitted from time to time that he lost: How could I lose to that guy? And the only way he can get out from under that is to basically try to prove that he is completely delusional and stupid — and he’s never going to bring himself to do that. He’ll just lie and continue to tell the lie.”

Conway continued, “And that just would not be enough. And I don’t think it would be enough, especially, before a jury in the District of Columbia. And the first jury to hear a January 6 case convicted a January 6 defendant in four hours. So, there’s a big problem here that he has. If somebody takes this seriously at the Justice Department — and if you take Merrick Garland at his word, because he said in a speech back in January, that they were not going to draw any artificial lines about who they could prosecute — they were going to go work their way up in the way that you do in mob investigations, and other large investigations.”

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