NYT reporter breaks down bombshell new revelations about Trump’s vote-stealing scheme

NYT reporter breaks down bombshell new revelations about Trump’s vote-stealing scheme
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One of the reporters who broke the news that Donald Trump personally directed efforts to seize voting machines explained the significance of these revelations, and MSNBC's Joe Scarborough agreed they were damning.

The twice-impeached one-term president reportedly directed efforts to get the Department of Justice or other federal agencies to seize machines in states he lost, and when that failed he tried to get local law enforcement to do so and even tried to get the military to take them -- which even Rudy Giuliani refused to do.

"That's when you know you have crossed the Rubicon, when Rudy Giuliani says, 'I don't know, I'm uncomfortable with this,'" Scarborough said.

The "Morning Joe" host said the investigations into Trump's efforts to overturn the election were moving fast.

"Time is not on the side of Donald Trump," Scarborough said. "The further we get away from Jan. 6, the more we find out about him trying to seize voting machines, trying to use the federal government to seize voting machines, the more we find out about fraudulent electors, people who lied about being electors from states, they probably will be going to jail as well. These Jan. 6 convictions keep going on. You have people testifying in front of the Jan. 6 commission that were in Trump's inner circle. I mean, things are going from bad to worse for the former president."

New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt said the new reporting shows Trump worked for months to take control of the voting machines for corrupt purposes, and he took an active role in those efforts, which had previously been understood as a fringe scheme pushed by outside advisers.

"The biggest, most important point out of our reporting in this story is bringing Trump into it, is what these new facts do," Schmidt said. "They tie Trump directly to the efforts to overturn the election in a new way. Yes, we know Donald Trump was trying to overturn the election. He says it out loud, he did things out loud. We now know more about what he was doing behind the scenes, the attempts to, you know, having Giuliani ask the Department of Homeland Security whether they could do this related to the voting machines."

"It shows that the voting machines' employ was more than a ploy of the odd, outside individuals who were advising the president in this period of time," Schmidt continued. "We also now know that Trump's interest, Trump's looking at this idea extended over a longer period of time than we knew before. We know it extends as far back as the middle to the end of November, so this is just a few weeks after the election, where Trump in an Oval Office meeting brings up the idea with [then-attorney general William] Barr and says to Barr, is this something that the Justice Department could do, and Barr says no. This is part of a pattern of Barr emerging as a guardrail in these final days of Barr's term as attorney general, saying no to the president."

"But within a month you have Trump again looking for someone else, looking for someone else to do this and another part of the government to do this," Schmidt concluded. "It is part of a pattern in which Trump tries to get other people and other parts of the government to do things for him."

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