Blistering Lincoln Project ad rips Greg Abbott for lining his pockets with Big Energy money while leaving Texans in the dark

Blistering Lincoln Project ad rips Greg Abbott for lining his pockets with Big Energy money while leaving Texans in the dark

In Texas’ 2022 gubernatorial election, Gov. Greg Abbott has been facing GOP primary challenges from several fellow Republicans — including former Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West. Abbott’s far-right challengers often claim that he isn’t MAGA enough, which is a hard argument to make in light of the fact that former President Donald Trump himself has endorsed him. But one non-MAGA attack against Abbott that’s coming from the right is the one from The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump conservative group that favored now-President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

In a blistering new ad, The Lincoln Project argues that Abbott failed Texas miserably in February 2021 — when the state’s power grid was overwhelmed by weather that was unusually cold for the Lone Star State and millions of Texans found themselves facing freezing temperatures without heat or electricity. Some Texans literally froze to death in their own homes.

“A governor’s first duty is to protect citizens,” The Lincoln Project declares in its anti-Abbott ad. “Greg Abbott has failed. Last year, the Texas power grid crashed. Texans died in the cold and dark.”

The Lincoln Project continues, “Greg Abbott promised he’d do better, promised he’d do what it took to make Texans ready for another winter storm…. The big power and energy companies have given Greg Abbott millions in campaign cash. Meanwhile, they were handed billions without truly investing in our power grid.”

Abbott’s challengers in Texas’ 2022 GOP gubernatorial primary have included not only West, but also, former Texas State Sen. Don Huffines and radio host Chad Prather. The primary is set for March 1, and if Abbott wins the nomination, there is a strong chance that he will be going up against former Rep. Beto O’Rourke in the general election.

Although O’Rourke’s presidential campaign of 2020 was a disappointment, he is still regarded as a rock star in Democratic politics. In Texas’ 2018 U.S. Senate race, the former congressman from El Paso came within striking distance of Sen. Ted Cruz — who was reelected, but only by about 2%. The fact that a Democrat performed that well in a statewide race in Texas was one of the political shockers of 2018.

Nonetheless, O’Rourke will be fighting an uphill battle if he goes up against the well-funded Abbott. Texas is light red rather than deep red at this point, but it’s still a red state where Democrats struggle in statewide races.

If O’Rourke receives his party’s nomination and somehow manages to unseat Abbott, The Lincoln Project won’t be shedding any tears. While Abbott’s Republican primary challengers believe that the Texas governor isn’t MAGA enough, the Never Trumpers of The Lincoln Project view him as too MAGA.

“Greg Abbott has been running for office for three decades,” The Lincoln Project’s ad argues. “He’s not going to change. To protect Texas, we need to change governors.”

Watch the ad below:

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