Here are 5 key Trump allies who have testified before the House’s Jan. 6 committee

Here are 5 key Trump allies who have testified before the House’s Jan. 6 committee

Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short | 7/25/17 (Official White House Photo by Mitchell Resnick)

A long list of allies, associates and supporters of former President Donald Trump have been subpoenaed to testify before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s select committee on the January 6, 2021 insurrection, and many of them have defied the subpoenas — including former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who now hosts the “War Room” podcast. So far, the committee has interviewed more than 400 witnesses (according to ABC News) and issued over 50 subpoenas, and more subpoenas are sure to follow.

Some Trump allies, however, have cooperated with the committee even though Trump is urging them not to. Here are some of the Trump allies who, according to media reports, have testified before the committee.

1. Marc Short

Marc Short served as chief of staff to former Vice President Mike Pence, and on January 31, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reported that Short had privately testified before Pelosi’s committee, according to ABC sources. Short is important to the committee because he was still in that position during the weeks when Trump was trying to pressure Pence into helping him overturn the 2020 election results — something Pence refused to do, saying he didn’t have the authority. And Short was still Pence’s chief of staff during the January 6 insurrection. Karl noted that Short’s “legal team was in contact with attorneys for Trump, given the 45th president's months-long effort to prevent the committee from obtaining his White House records from the National Archives.”

2. Kayleigh McEnany

Kayleigh McEnany, now a Fox News pundit, served as White House press secretary during the final months of the Trump Administration — and she held that position when Trump and his attorneys, from Rudy Giuliani to John Eastman, were doing everything they could to overturn the 2020 election results. On February 1, ABC News journalists Jonathan Karl, Benjamin Siegel and Will Steakin reported that McEnany, according to a source, had “turned over text messages” to Pelosi’s committee.

McEnany and a committee spokesperson both declined to comment on her interactions with the committee and the evidence she had provided. But Karl, Siegel and Steakin reported, “McEnany appeared virtually before investigators for several hours on January 13, according to a source familiar with her testimony, and did not appear that day on her midday Fox News program. The committee was interested in her repeated false claims of widespread voter fraud from the White House Briefing Room podium, and in her interactions with Trump on January 6, according to a letter the committee sent to McEnany along with the subpoena.”

The ABC News journalists also reported, “In addition to text messages and any other materials McEnany turned over to the committee, investigators are expected to receive her White House files from the National Archives, some of the many White House records Trump unsuccessfully tried to prevent the Archives from sharing with Congress.”

3. Alex Jones

Trump was the first U.S. president who treated Alex Jones’ Infowars like a credible news organization, and in late 2021, Jones was an aggressive promoter of the Stop the Steal movement and its efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. On January 31, Politico reported that Jones, a far-right conspiracy theorist, had testified remotely before the committee. And Jones, on his show, told viewers, “They have everything that's already on my phones and things, because I saw my text messages to Caroline Wren and Cindy Chafian and some of the event organizers right there.”

Wren was a fundraiser for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, and Tea Party activist Chafian is a director for the Women for American Coalitions.

4. Ben Williamson

Ben Williamson was a top aide to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows — and according to Politico, Williamson “spoke to the committee for hours” in January. “The panel indicated it planned to ask Williamson about Meadows’ actions on January 6 and leading up to it,” Kyle Cheney and Nicholas Wu of Politico reported on January 31.

5. Keith Kellogg

Keith Kellogg was another key player in Pence’s office during the late 2020/early 2021 lame duck period. According to Cheney and Wu’s reporting in Politico, Pelosi’s committee “tipped its hand in a recent request for Ivanka Trump’s testimony, revealing that it had direct testimony from Keith Kellogg — a national security adviser to former Vice President Mike Pence — that described her repeated efforts to persuade her father to call off the January 6 mob.”

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