Fox News host delivers 7-minute screed calling Democrats a ‘cult in a never-ending fight with reality’

Fox News host delivers 7-minute screed calling Democrats a ‘cult in a never-ending fight with reality’

Fox News is auditioning hosts for its 7 PM “Fox News Primetime” show, and on Thursday night longtime Fox contributor Tammy Bruce went full-force far-right extremist to get the job.

Bruce is no stranger to controversy. In the mid-1990’s she exited as president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) after being accused of “racially insensitive comments.” Later, during the first months of the Obama presidency she remarked, “We’ve got trash in the White House.”

But on Thursday night for seven minutes and 13 seconds Bruce was on fire, berating the left and Democrats – blaming them for just about everything by using everything that’s wrong with the right. It was an example of epic projection.

According to Bruce, the left “is a cult in a never-ending fight with reality, hell-bent on making the world bend to their lies, all while trying to silence and destroy anything and anyone who dares to question the orthodoxy.”

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Sound familiar? Like the right wing of America, who refuse to accept the reality of the coronavirus pandemic, the fact that vaccines, masks, and social distancing work? Refuse to accept that climate change is real and massive voter fraud is not?

Bruce actually uses the word “cult” eleven times in seven minutes.

“I know you’ve heard that the cancer of woke-ism is the left new religion, but it’s actually not. It’s their cultic foundation, a set of rules and instructions met to manipulate and control,” she claimed, never offering up any actual concrete evidence. “Now keep in mind a cult has some basic tenets and behaviors we see not just with the so called progressives, but now being applied by the Biden administration itself, among other aspects, including groupthink as its foundational requirement, questions are not encouraged, and even punished followers are to worship a group leader.”

Here’s a question: Does the left worship President Joe Biden? Hillary Clinton? No.

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Does the right worship Donald Trump? What do you think?

“The cult follows and controls all aspects of members lives, fear and paranoia are instilled to keep followers close and trusting only a fellow members,” Bruce continues. “Outsiders, those who escaped, and opponents are smeared and cast as evil and dangerous and members are monitored constantly to ensure conformity and allegiance to the cultic system. Sound familiar? Yeah.”

Yes indeed.

We need no more recent example than the Fox News Christmas tree, which a 49-year old homeless man set on fire just past midnight on Wednesday. Fox News spent two days declaring it was an attack on America and an attack on Christianity – both of which are false. Police even said it was not a political act. But Fox News got so ramped up they literally compared the attack on their tree to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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“Or what about on COVID?” Bruce asks, somehow pretending it’s not a deadly airborne disease that’s killed 800,000 Americans, “Where double-masked big city liberals meander aimlessly around Manhattan using facial coverings as some sort of partisan signaling exercise, despite being double-vaccinated, many with their boosters, while being socially distanced? That’s not science. That’s insanity. It’s also a way to condition people into having every aspect of their daily lives controlled by a faceless bureaucratic cult. And what about young children still being forced to suffer under masked learning, despite no science to back it up?”

That’s just plain coronavirus disinformation unworthy of any “news” organization. Maybe Bruce should chat with her co-workers over at The Wall Street Journal, who published a report detailing two studines showing students and staff in schools need to be masked. Or the CDC.

After her lie-filled rant Fox News immortalized her fallacious attack by posting the text of part of her speech online, as if it were a valid news story.

It’s not.

See for yourself:

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