Conservative’s scathing video explains why fired CNN host Chris Cuomo was no more unethical than Fox News’ Sean Hannity

Conservative’s scathing video explains why fired CNN host Chris Cuomo was no more unethical than Fox News’ Sean Hannity

On December 4, CNN announced that Chris Cuomo had been “terminated…. effective immediately.” The former CNN host was fired after being inundated with accusations that he used his position as a CNN host to help his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, deal with the barrage of sexual harassment allegations he was facing. Never Trump conservative Tim Miller, in a humorous but scathing video for The Bulwark, has no problem with CNN firing Cuomo — but argues that he was no more unethical than Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

In the video, Miller explains, “This week, documents from (New York State) Attorney General Tish James shed new light on Andrew’s Me Too scandal. They showed that Chris — who, remember, was ostensibly a newsman covering the story — was simultaneously running PR cleanup for his big brother. He even tried to covertly track down information about one of his accusers. So now, he’s out on his ass too. I understand wanting to provide a little brotherly advice, but this was over the line.”

The anti-Trump conservative, however, points out that “when it comes to journalists being in bed with the people they cover…. there was another cable news host who literally campaigned for Trump.”

The other cable news host that Miller is referring to is Hannity.

“Hannity was such an influential adviser to Trump that at the time, it was said he basically had a desk at the White House,” Miller notes. “And he wasn’t the only Fox News host giving Trump free under-the-table advice. The guy basically had all the anchors on speed dial.”

Miller goes on to argue that while Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN for his unethical actions, Fox News has no such standards where Trump is concerned.

“It seems to be like we have an imbalance here, where mainstream outlets and Democratic politicians are expected to have standards and resign when they don’t live up to them — while Fox and the Trumpers get to pussy-grab with impunity because their crowd doesn’t give a shit,” Miller stresses. “And nobody expects any different. So while I’m shedding no tears for Chris or Andrew, who certainly committed a bootable offense, it doesn’t seem like the journalistic rules the two sides are playing by are very fair or balanced.”

Watch the video below:

Chris Cuomo Fired. Why Stop There? | Tim Miller's 'Not My Party'

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