'Blatant hypocrisy': CNN’s John Avlon slams Republicans taking credit for Biden’s COVID relief package — after voting against it

'Blatant hypocrisy': CNN’s John Avlon slams Republicans taking credit for Biden’s COVID relief package — after voting against it
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Although some moderate GOP governors have been quite proactive when it comes to dealing with the reality of COVID-19 — Maryland’s Larry Hogan, Massachusetts’ Charlie Baker — many MAGA Republicans have slammed efforts to deal with the crisis as “socialism.” Far-right Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar is one such MAGA Republican. But in a blistering commentary on December 15, CNN’s John Avlon laid out some reasons why Gosar’s posturing is total hypocrisy.

Gosar has attacked President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief plan as “a trojan horse for socialism.” And Avlon, during one of his Reality Check segments on CNN’s morning show “New Day,” stressed that Gosar is now trying to take credit for something he has condemned.

“Paul Gosar is at it again,” Avlon told CNN viewers. “No, not threatening AOC or calling members of the FBI and DOJ traitors or boycotting speeches by the Pope — no, this is a different sin of blatant hypocrisy. You see, Gosar is doing a victory lap for delivering federal cash to his constituency: specifically, COVID-19 relief funds that will be used to clean and provide relief for the Kingman, Arizona airport. In a press release, Gosar called it critical funding, essential to maintaining safe and reliable air service to the community. What he failed to mention is that he voted against the legislation that made it possible: the American Rescue Plan Act.”

Avlon continued, “In fact, he slammed it, saying: This bill is not about COVID relief, it is about funding Democrats’ pet projects, the American people should be furious — and calling it a Democratic spending bonanza. Well, which is it, congressman? A socialist spending scheme, or critical funding? But Gosar understands that he can vote no and still score the dough.”

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Avlon added, however, that Gosar is hardly alone in his hypocrisy, noting that Rep. Gary Palmer of Alabama, a Republican member of the House Freedom Caucus, is also trying to “take credit for a bill he tried to kill.”

“I could add other sworn enemies of bipartisanship like North Carolina’s Madison Cawthorn, Indiana’s Greg Pence, or their leader, California’s Kevin McCarthy,” Avlon explained. “After all, not a single Republican voted for Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Only 13 House Republicans voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and they caught massive flack for it from their colleagues. I mean, you might have thought they voted to investigate an insurrection.”

Avlon continued, “Look, I know that cynicism passes for wisdom in Washington for a reason. But this is ridiculous. And yet, it is the way we live now.”

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