Anti-vaxxers are pushing this cocktail as a 'treatment’'for COVID-19 vaccines: report

Anti-vaxxers are pushing this cocktail as a 'treatment’'for COVID-19 vaccines: report

One of the kookiest claims of anti-vaxxers is that they can “reverse” a COVID-19 vaccination if someone has been vaccinated but now regrets it. According to the Daily Beast’s Mark Hay, the Niatonin Protocol is a mixture that anti-vaxxers have been promoting on a Telegram channel — although the person who developed it denies being an anti-vaxxer.

“A few months ago,” Hay explains, “a channel popped up in the anti-vaccine recesses of the fringe-friendly social media platform Telegram and began extolling the virtues of the ‘Niatonin Protocol,’ a daily regimen of high doses of niacin, butyric acid, and a few other supplements. The exact cocktail is situational and ever-shifting. Through a barrage of anonymous anecdotes and jumbled, supposedly scientific explanations, the group argued this program was a surefire ‘antidote’ for the dangers — some real but rare, others seemingly invented — that they associate with safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines.”

But Dmitry Kats, who developed the Niatonin Protocol, stressed to the Beast that he doesn’t consider himself an anti-vaxxer.

Kats told the Beast, “I don’t want people to think this is particularly for vaccine injury-related issues. I’m not anti-vax at all…. I feel like it’s working brilliantly for many people.”

Nonetheless, Hay notes, Kats participates in the Telegram channel “actively and frequently.”

“On other platforms across the web — podcasts, videos, social media — he’s shared memes that position his protocol as a vaccine-injury treatment, appeared to equate elements of the effects of the vaccines and those of COVID-19 itself,” Hay observes.

False claims about COVID-19 and its vaccines, Hay warns, are plentiful on social media.

Ciaran O’Connor of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, described by Hay as a “pandemic-misinformation watchdog group,” told the Beast, “There’s a large ecosystem of people promoting products and recipes for this. It’s notable to see detox figures emerge as respected voices so quickly, almost out of nowhere.”

Kats, according to Hay, doesn’t want to be compared to anti-vaxxers who are promoting “cures” for COVID-19 vaccines.

Hay explains, “Many other individuals are far more direct, selling products and services marketed both clearly and primarily for the reversal of supposed vaccine injuries. Their offerings run the gamut, from vitamin infusions and controversial ozone therapy to bullshit nanotech detection and disabling devices and meditations that suggest the power of the mind can hamstring the vaccines. Kats objects to being lumped in with ‘quacks’ selling products like these.”


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