Conservative brutally mocks MAGA 'soy boys' who want to make Kyle Rittenhouse and his 'a hero'

Conservative brutally mocks MAGA 'soy boys' who want to make Kyle Rittenhouse and his 'a hero'
Kyle Rittenhouse screenshot from November 2021

On Friday, November 19, teenage vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on charges of homicide and attempted homicide by a jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin — where, in August 2020, he shot three protesters (two of them fatally) during a racial justice demonstration. Countless right-wing media pundits, along with MAGA politicians like Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Madison Cawthorn, have been celebrating the verdict. But Never Trump conservative Tim Miller, in a humorous but biting video posted by The Bulwark, lays out some reasons why he finds this reaction so problematic.

"The right wants to make Rittenhouse a hero, a freedom fighter," Miller explains. "Ann Coulter says she wants Rittenhouse for president. He's been called a (patriot) and also a (good Samaritan)…. In their delusion, he's being wrongly persecuted by the woke state…. In this narrative, Kyle is a righteous vigilante battling against the real enemy, Antifa, and the BLM looters who are roaming free."

Miller goes on to show clips of "Hillbilly Elegy" author J.D. Vance (who is running for the U.S. Senate seat in Ohio) and Fox News' Greg Gutfeld praising Rittenhouse and mocks both of them as "soy boys." On the right, "soy boy" is a major insult. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his colleagues at Infowars have long been claiming that soy-based food products are a leftist "deep state" plot designed to reduce testosterone and make American men more feminine.

Miller says of Vance and Gutfeld, "Let's just take a moment to entertain this as a serious position rather than a performative tough-guy act. Is this really the society that these soft-handed soy boys want? One where a 17-year-old can self-deputize, marching through town with his gun drawn, making citizen's arrests if he doesn't feel like the government is doing a good enough job? That's a path to chaos, not justice."

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The Never Trumper continues, "Now, we know the Fox hosts and Ivy League Republican politicians don't want this type of society because: (1) you can't even imagine these rich assholes sending their own teenagers into a riot armed with a weapon — and (2) there's no way we would've seen this same hero narrative on Fox if the righteous teen had been Black and he'd self-deputized to the Mall on January 6, killing two insurrectionists."

But as vehemently as Miller slams the MAGA far right in his video, he also criticizes some liberals and progressives for their comments on Rittenhouse — including Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, who described him as a "White supremacist domestic terrorist." Miller strongly disagrees that Rittenhouse fits the definition of a terrorist, but rather, considers him a "stupid kid in a shit situation."

Miller argues, "There's no evidence this kid is a White supremacist…. When it comes to Rittenhouse, here's the bottom line: He's not a martyr. Or a hero. Or an evil enemy. He's an 18-year-old with underdeveloped frontal lobes who got in way over his head."

Watch the video below:

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