Aaron Rodgers got caught in a lie that violates his employer’s policies — so he’s blaming the 'woke mob' for 'cancelling' him

Aaron Rodgers got caught in a lie that violates his employer’s policies — so he’s blaming the 'woke mob' for 'cancelling' him
Seattle vs. Green Bay • December 27, 2009 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

No need to go to Facebook this time.

So the NFL has a mandate for all support staff that come into contact with players, but none for the players themselves because of union concerns. Instead, the union agreed last season to test all players daily. This season, unvaccinated players got tested daily, while vaccinated players got tested weekly.

The league claims that 94.1% of players are vaccinated, but that number included Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who told the media earlier this season that he was "immunized." It was a clever turn of phrase, and no one questioned it, because no one thought that he'd be a lying piece of shit. But you can see why he'd want to be a lying piece of shit:

Unvaccinated players are required to wear face masks at all times while at the team's facilities and are also required to observe social distancing. The mask usage also applies when in teams' weight rooms. Unvaccinated players are not allowed to eat meals with teammates and cannot do any media or marketing opportunities when traveling. They also aren't allowed to use the sauna or steam rooms in the team facilities and are not allowed to leave the team hotel or have any outside interactions with people on the road who are not affiliated with their respective team.

The lockers of unvaccinated players are required to be six feet apart from the ones of other players. Unvaccinated players are also prohibited from traveling on team charters and must make their way to road games separately. Upon landing, they need to show negative COVID-19 tests in order to rejoin the team. Upon arrival, unvaccinated players are not allowed to eat with the rest of their teammates and are not allowed to mingle with other teammates. They also are barred from using a hotel's common spaces, such as the pool.
They are restricted from attending indoor events — such as bars, nightclubs, concerts or other events — with more than 15 people where masks were not being worn.

Unvaccinated players are also subject to a five-day quarantine period if they are deemed to be close contacts of a person infected with COVID-19.

It's amazing that the NFL never bothered to actually verify vaccination status claims. I guess they assumed their players wouldn't be lying pieces of shit.

Like Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. He tested positive for COVID-19, and his lies were fully exposed. His response? Whine, whine, whine, deploying every Fox News-tested buzzphrase to build sympathy among the you-know-whos:

Woke! Mob! Cancel culture!

Ah yes, he "does his own research," because, you know, the entire medical and scientific establishment apparently don't know what they're talking about.

He is an anti-vaxxer and flat-Earther. Well, maybe he believes the Earth is round. But he's in the same bucket as those anti-reality bozos.

Look at all that research he did. So much research! And weirdly, he somehow missed all the actual research.

But he has an allergy! To the mRNA vaccines! I call bullshit, but even if true, there happen to be non-mRNA vaccines, including Johnson&Johnson's.

The people spreading and dying of COVID are driven by THE UNVACCINATED. Holy shit, this asshole graduated from University of California-Berkeley and he's this goddamned stupid? Instead, he's repeating all the insipid Fox News/Facebook talking points. His "research" is genuinely Facebook memes and Tucker Carlson.

Dr. Aaron Rodgers presented "research" to the NFL lol.

The NFL thought right.

Note, Rodgers claims he used the word "immunized" because he was on an alternative medicine regimen to bolster his immune system. You know what that is, right? We've seen it in many Anti-vaxx Chronicles throughout the last few months—Vitamins C and D and Zinc. He'll now argue that the vaccine isn't 100% effective, which no one claimed it was, but his vitamins concoction gave him "immunity," which was so patently absurd, it hurts.

Rodgers is the worst person in the world, at least for today. He was reportedly "furious" that his lies were outed. Note that he never followed the required protocol for unvaccinated players (that long blockquote up top), he did his best to obfuscate his deception.

Let's pause for a second to ponder Rodgers' assertion that it is "woke" to vaccinate. Note that over 80% of American adults have at least one vaccine shot at this point. That's a lot of "woke" people.

If Rodgers was so courageous and believed so strongly in his vaccine stance, why not tell the truth? Why not follow the protocols that every other unvaccinated player was following? Is it now "woke" to tell the truth?

And is it "woke" to take personal responsibility for one's actions, instead of whining and crying and blaming others for any consequences?

The sports media has been brutal.


And check out this righteous rant on sports radio:

This isn't some "woke" progressive activist. This is a white, male, sports bro, talking to other (mostly) white, male, sports bros—a large percentage of the vaccination holdouts. Let's call this the silver lining of the situation, prominent and influential media personalities standing up for what is right for our country and everyone in it.

There's no doubt Rodgers is playing to Fox News, and there's no doubt he'll be their new hero. Expect to see Rodgers in memes over the coming months. But the media fury doesn't look set to abate any time soon. In fact, he's missing at least one key matchup this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs, and might even miss next week's as well, keeping the story alive. If his idiocy costs his contending team those two games, it'll fuel the story even more so. And his "woke mob" bullshit certainly isn't helping kill the furor. It's only fueling it.

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