Trump world forced to create new PAC to boot 'amoral psychopath' Lewandowski

Trump world forced to create new PAC to boot 'amoral psychopath' Lewandowski
Corey Lewandowski image via CNN Screengrab

After news broke that Corey Lewandowski was accused by a major donor of stalking, sexual harassment, and sexual assault, Trump world moved to fire the longtime advisor to the former president, but they ran into a problem. Lewandowski, who headed the official Trump Super PAC, was one of just two board members, and was not about to vote to fire himself.

As The Daily Beast reports, Lewandowski tried to get himself a massive severance package, saying he would go quietly if he was paid off – to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars. The Beast reveals after Lewandowski's "ignominious dismissal during Trump's first run—also prompted by accusations of assaulting a woman, Lewandowski netted a massive $20,000 a month package that gave him nearly half a million dollars to walk away.

Not this time.

Trump reportedly "scoffed" at the idea of paying off Lewandowski. Even though the super PAC had about $200 million in its coffers, the "twice-impeached ex-president didn't want to see Lewandowski slinking away with any of that money—which Trump views as his money, despite the patina of distance that is legally required between candidates and super PACs."

Lewandowski's request was refused, and Trump's advisors simply created a new Super PAC, this one headed by former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

"Instead of grappling with the notoriously belligerent operative, however, his MAGA Action colleagues simply abandoned him. Within days of Lewandowski's firing they'd spun up a new super PAC, with a strikingly familiar name: Make America Great Again, Again! A pointed press statement on Monday declared the new group 'the ONLY Trump-approved super PAC,' making no mention of the wayward former leader by name."

Trashelle Odom, the woman who accused Lewandowski, had "claimed in a statement to Politico that Lewandowski had made a series of unwanted advances over the course of the evening, grabbing her buttocks and one of her legs, boasting about his genitalia, speaking to her lewdly, and flashing his room key. The Odoms reportedly asked the super PAC to refund their $100,000 if the group did not sever its ties with Lewandowski."

Lewandowski, according to The Beast, has made a lot of enemies in Trump World, including Sam Nunberg, a former Trump advisor who at times has been a frequent guest on several MSNBC shows.

"I remember the day I was fired from Trump's 2016 campaign, and I got calls from reporters saying they'd just spoken to Corey Lewandowski," Nunberg told The Beaast. "This, even after I was told that my termination was going to be done quietly. This is someone who is a power-hungry, talentless, amoral psychopath who hit the jackpot with Donald J. Trump… He's a piece of trash."

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