Never Trump conservative warns Democrats to 'wake the hell up' if they want to keep Congress in 2022

Never Trump conservative warns Democrats to 'wake the hell up' if they want to keep Congress in 2022

In his Not My Party videos for The Bulwark, Never Trump conservative Tim Miller has made it clear that he considers the Trumpified GOP a threat to U.S. democracy — and Miller, who supported Joe Biden in 2020, views the Democratic Party and Never Trumpers like himself as the last line of defense against authoritarianism. Miller has been warning that if MAGA Republicans retake either or both branches of Congress in 2022, things will get ugly. And he offers Democrats some advice in a humorous video titled "Time for Democrats to Wake the Hell Up."

As Miller sees it, all the infighting among Democrats over infrastructure bills isn't doing the party any good going into the 2022 midterms.

"For a second there, it seemed like the Democrats were going to pull off something wild: Pass legislation that would truly help people and then campaign on the success of it," Miller observes in his video. "You might recall that many weeks ago, the Senate actually passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill. This baby would remove all the lead pipes in the country, fund trains and public transportation, fix our roads and bridges, and make sure we're prepared for an increasingly extreme climate."

Miller adds, however, that "now, both the ready-to-go Senate infrastructure bill and the House human infrastructure bill are stalled."

"The nihilist House Republicans, who are completely uninterested in actual governance, are unwilling to work with Democrats to get either of them passed," Miller observes. "They'd rather just laugh about owning the libs and let the Democrats act like monkeys humping a football, once again. This drama has ignited yet another left-wing slap-fight between the progressives and the moderates."

The former Republican goes on to say that instead of resenting Blue Dog centrists like Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, fellow Democrats need to figure out doable strategies for keeping Republicans from retaking Congress in 2022.

"Since rural red states have a disproportionate influence in the Senate," Miller explains, "Democrats are boned if they can't win them…. So, if you're a Democrat who actually wants solutions, there are only two options: (1) Adding more states. D.C. and Puerto Rico are both options, and they deserve representation. (2) Try to win in rural areas again. What a crazy idea, actually competing to win!"

Watch the video below:

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