Ex-Trump FDA spokesperson slammed as 'unvaccinated ghoul' for saying children are 'safe from COVID'

Ex-Trump FDA spokesperson slammed as 'unvaccinated ghoul' for saying children are 'safe from COVID'
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Emily Miller says kids are "safe" from the coronavirus pandemic despite at least 371 children having died from COVID-19 and the number of children contracting the disease and being hospitalized is increasing.

Miller, who made her remarks on social media Monday in a thread defending her own refusal to be vaccinated, is facing strong criticism as she attacks her vaccinated critics as "scared."

"My decision not to get vaccinated does not affect anyone else's health. Full stop. The #ScaredVaccinated are dividing our communities and the country," she tweeted.

She says scared vaccinated Americans' "cognitive bias and panic make them perceive that they could die. They are afraid of their children dying. This is why they want everyone else vaccinated."

Despite having no medical background Miller served as Assistant Commissioner for Media Affairs at the FDA in the Trump administration, although for just 11 days. She's also been a reporter at OANN and WTTG, and worked for Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and Tom DeLay. And like some, she appears to believe she has the right "take" on why people should not be vaccinated against a virus that has killed over 630,000 Americans.

Last year Media Matters called Miller "a pro-Trump sycophant who spreads COVID-19 misinformation."

She also claims, vaccinated or not, "For adults under 65 with no health conditions, it's virtually impossible to die from COVID.

Given that 630,000 people in the U.S. have died from COVID that seems to be very curious framing. Regardless, a tremendous number of Americans under 65 do have health conditions.

And Miller is ignoring several facts. First, death is not the only factor to worry about with the coronavirus. Anti-vaxxers almost never discuss long COVID, which absolutely affects children and adults. The New York Times on Sunday reported between 10 and 30 percent of infected adults and 11 to 15 percent of infected children and youths have developed long COVID.

Second, children do die from COVID.

Those 371 children who have died from COVID is an incomplete number, because not all states break down mortality by age. The number comes from just 43 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and New York City.

So listen to what this children's hospital physician says:

The child hospitalization numbers are even less complete, with just 21 states and NYC reporting. Florida, for example, stopped reporting child hospitalization rates in June. But given the numbers available, at least 3849 children have been hospitalized with COVID.

Last week there were more than 93,000 new cases of COVID-19 in children. Here's what that looks like:

None of this sounds like kids are "safe" from COVID, despite Miller's claim.

Here's how one pediatrician responded to Miller:

And how a clinical psychologist responded:

She's getting roundly criticized for her remarks.

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