'This is America': Arizona anti-masker tells school board 'the science is ridiculous' — parents applaud

'This is America': Arizona anti-masker tells school board 'the science is ridiculous' — parents applaud
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A woman who says she is the parent of three children in Gilbert, Arizona blasted the school board in a public meeting last week, declaring that "this is America" and she has the "freedom" to send her kids to school without masks.

"If you guys can't figure out by now, the science is ridiculous, then you're probably driving around in your car with a mask on by yourself and I can't help you at this point, nor do I want to, it's not my job," said the woman, who gave her name as Carrie Ware. " I appreciate what you want to do for you and your family, I would appreciate it if you respected what I did for me and my family, because that's where we live, the United States of America. God bless America. The end. Thank you."

When she was done with her three-minute diatribe the audience applauded.

The video (below) has been viewed over 335,000 times in under 12 hours.

She began her speech to the board by identifying herself as the person who tags the school board "all the time on Facebook," then declared, "I'm a little irritated sitting here listening to everybody, 'thank you so much for letting me speak,' 'we have to work as a community to get this taken care of.' I have never in the 16 and a half years that I've been a mother solicited advice from any of you people, or anybody for that matter and I do not plan to start today."

"You guys are up here, acting like you're doing us a favor giving me the option of a or b, that is not freedom. That is coercion, that is you telling me I have two options, and that's not the case. Freedom means I bring to the table, what I want to do and what you hypocrites, all of you are to stand here and pledge to the flag, which represents freedom, and then tell me I have two choices. Nonsense, I'm over it. My family is done doing what you tell me to do. This is America."

Gilbert, Arizona is part of Maricopa County, which is seeing an average of over 1800 new coronavirus cases per day. The New York Times adds that the county has seen a 38% increase in COVID hospitalizations, and says: "Maricopa County is at an extremely high risk for unvaccinated people." Just 44% of Maricopa County residents are vaccinated, versus 52% of the nation.

There are 49 studies that prove masks work.

Watch (full video here, starts at the 1:12:40 mark):

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