'DeWine has lost his mind': Ohio GOP gov unveils $5 million 'incentive' for getting 'persuadables' vaccinated

'DeWine has lost his mind': Ohio GOP gov unveils $5 million 'incentive' for getting 'persuadables' vaccinated
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President Joe Biden and expert immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden's top medical advisor in the White House, have been stressing that the more Americans get vaccinated for COVID-19, the more likely the United States will be to achieve herd immunity and get back to some type of normal. But many Americans are still hesitant to be vaccinated — especially Republicans — and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine discussed his state's new vaccine incentive during a May 13 appearance on CNN's "New Day": a $5 million lottery.

Although DeWine is a conservative Republican, he was never a coronavirus denier: DeWine always took the pandemic seriously, and some far-right conspiracy theorists and supporters of former President Donald Trump slammed him for his social distancing measures in the Buckeye State.

On "New Day," DeWine told host John Berman that he is aggressively trying to convince the "persuadables" in Ohio to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

"We've got some people who, obviously, you know, are not going to get it," DeWine explained. "That's fine. They have every right not to get it. But we have, in the middle, the persuadables."

Describing the unvaccinated Ohio residents he believes can be persuaded to get a COVID-19 vaccine, DeWine told Berman, "My wife and I have been traveling around the state going to vaccination sites. I think we've been to over 40, and talking to people who are getting vaccinated. What you find is that there are some people who — something pushed them over. You know, their son brought them in and said, 'Hey, Dad, it's time to go.' Somebody else in the family may have done that."

DeWine added, "So, there's people who are ready to do it or almost ready to do it. And if this incentive of being able to possibly win a million dollars — and we're doing those, as you said, five weeks in a row. So, it's going to continue that every week for five weeks starting 13 days from now."

During the interview, Berman pointed to far-right U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio as someone in the Buckeye State who is critical of COVID-19 vaccination incentives. Jordan, on May 12, tweeted, "We've gone from 15 days to slow the spread to a million dollars if you get the vaccine. Give me a break."

When Berman asked DeWine to comment on Jordan's tweet, he told the CNN host, "Well, I understand, you know, criticism, and I explained this to the people of the State of Ohio last night when I announced it. One thing I said is: Look, I know people are going to say, 'DeWine has lost his mind. This is a waste.' But what I think is a waste is now to have the vaccine that can save people's lives and to have someone die of the COVID because they did not get vaccinated. That is a horrible waste. That is what a waste is."

Watch the video below:

CNN/Gov. DeWine www.youtube.com


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