Trump 'wants to screw Mitch McConnell' for betraying him on the election results: columnist

Trump 'wants to screw Mitch McConnell' for betraying him on the election results: columnist
Gaga Skidmore.

In his column for the Daily Beast, longtime political observer Michael Tomasky claims the country is watching "The Last (For the Time Being) Crack-Up of King Donald," while the president sulks at Mar-a-Lago over his election loss and plots to damage the Republican Party as he exits the presidency.

Although the president reportedly signed the COVID-19 aid bill at the last minute Sunday night -- while also forestalling a government shutdown -- the columnist said the president did great damage to the Republican Party by delaying the signing and infuriating the public by spending the weekend golfing after threatening a veto.

Calling the signing delay -- and the anxiety it caused over Christmas week -- "insane,' Tomasky suggested that the damage Trump is doing to the GOP is on purpose as both a loyalty test and to show Republican lawmakers that, even as he is leaving office after a humiliating defeat, he can still make them or break them.

"Trump is a 5-year-old, and everything with him is 5-year-old simple. Caveman simple," he wrote. "Thus, he can't think about the Republican Party, or the Senate under a Biden presidency, or anything of the sort."

Despite the fact that the president is scheduled to campaign for Georgia Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue before their runoff election against their Democratic challengers, Tomasky wrote that the president would really like to see Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) lose control of the Senate and suffer.

"He wants to screw Mitch McConnell. There's nothing complicated or tactical about this. McConnell acknowledged that Joe Biden won the election. Therefore he must suffer. Boom. Caveman simple," he wrote before adding that Trump would like to see both of the GOP Senate candidates to lose because he also lost the state.

"Trump doesn't care who runs the Senate if he's not president," Tomasky wrote. "To the extent that he's capable of a little strategery, he may well be thinking that he'd rather the Democrats have the run of the place in 2021 and 2022, and maybe even into the two years after that. They'll be easier to run against. Or so he thinks, because he assumes that if Democrats control Congress and the White House, America will have descended into socialist hell by 2024."

The columnist went on to note that the president is probably wrong about that, since the Biden administration will likely be measured on how it handles the COVID-19 crisis it inherited from Trump which inflicted so much damage on the country due to Trump's mismanagement.

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