Fox News has been afraid to criticize the ‘dangerous extremist ideology’ of QAnon: Media Matters

Fox News has been afraid to criticize the ‘dangerous extremist ideology’ of QAnon: Media Matters
Fox News

On Tuesday, the QAnon conspiracy cult achieved a disturbing victory when Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon supporter, won a GOP congressional primary in Georgia — and President Donald Trump, on Twitter, congratulated her on her victory. Some Republicans have been willing to criticize Greene, including Rep. Liz Cheney. But Matter Gertz of Media Matters, in an article published this week, takes a close look at Fox News’ reluctance to call out the QAnon cult.

In his article, headlined “Fox News' dangerous dance with QAnon,” Gertz argues, “The network’s unwillingness to challenge QAnon, an all-encompassing extremist ideology which postulates that President Donald Trump is on the verge of uncovering a worldwide satanic pedophilia ring composed of Democratic leaders and celebrities. Fox and its cadre of right-wing stars could have tried to prevent QAnon’s rise. And as an overwhelmingly powerful force in conservative politics, they may have been able to do it and have a responsibility to try. But instead, they have alternately ignored and flirted with QAnon, even as its supporters have multiplied and infested the Republican Party.”

Gertz writes that “Greene’s primary win seems to have spurred a gut check for some on the right” and inspired vehement criticism from “the generally pro-Trump National Review.”

This week, the public relations department at Koch Industries — which donated $5000 to Greene’s campaign — contacted AlterNet to stress that is has distanced itself from her. The spokesperson was quite emphatic, saying that “Koch does not support her campaign” and noting that “in June, upon learning of Ms. Greene’s past comments, KOCHPAC immediately requested a refund of its contribution.”

But Fox, according to Media Matters, has “has been almost entirely silent” about QAnon.

“The QAnon cult is now large enough that it overlaps with a solid swath of staunch Trumpists, which is also the network’s devoted viewership,” Gertz argues. “At this point, Fox hosts would risk alienating their audience if they were to criticize QAnon. The movement is particularly enamored of Hannity’s program…. Second, Fox is a cog in the Republican Party’s propaganda apparatus, and while it has at times challenged the GOP establishment from the right, it has shown zero inclination to act as a guardrail against the party’s extremists.”

Gertz adds, “And indeed, third, Trump himself is hanging over the entire debate. While he dodged a direct question about Greene’s QAnon support on Friday, he has endorsed her as a ‘future Republican star,’ and one of his top campaign aides lashed out at Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) when the congressman criticized QAnon.”

And on Friday, when asked by a reporter about whether he supports the theory — which centers on him — Trump refused to address it:


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