Trump's for-profit company invents new grift to more directly suck in Trump campaign cash

Trump's for-profit company invents new grift to more directly suck in Trump campaign cash
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Everything Donald Trump does is a scam. Everything Donald Trump's family does is a scam. It is all just one big grift, from top to bottom, sucking in money from the gullible and the supplicants and "mostly" from Russia, if you believe his weird but omnipresent failsons, only to spend it on lavish pet project golf clubs and Gatsby-esque role play.

The latest scam is a play to give Trump's private company, temporarily "managed" by his failsons so that it cannot be directly tied to Trump's presidency or campaign, a more direct role in Trump's presidency and campaign. The Washington Post reports that the Trump Organization has now trademarked the term "telerally," referring to "organizing events in the field of politics and political campaigning." You know what that means, right?

Yup. Now that Trump has so thoroughly endangered the American public that even he is beginning to suspect he will not be able to put on in-person rallies, he is planning to funnel the for-profit work of organizing virtual rallies to his own company.

Before, Trump could take a cut of his own appearances and rallies (and more importantly, those of any willing supplicants) by hosting them at his for-profit hotels and clubs. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered that particular scam less profitable, the Trump clan is scurrying to shift business to charging the Trump campaign and supplicant campaigns for hosting the internet versions they are now forced to use after Trump's colossal, history-altering pandemic failure.

What could go wrong? When you think "technological prowess in the organization and application of distributed virtual communications platforms," your mind naturally turns to ... Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Right? Eh, they'll buy something. It'll be fine.

To repeat, everything the Trump family does has been geared towards milking Pumpkin Hitler's newfound power for cheap-ass, low-caliber grifts. Let us host the British Open. Come have your industry meetup at our Washington hotel. What if we, like, formed a new line of hotels themed around patriotism? What if we started charging fees every time Dad had a campaign speech—can we do that? Etc.

If they had more money, Don Jr. would probably pay scientists to genetically engineer new, never-before-seen animals to kill, ones with 10-foot antlers and T-R-U-M-P spelled out in gold hair on their flanks. But sure, go with the same grift Rudy Giuliani used to launder influence-seeking cash after his own public decline—claim you're now technology experts. How original.


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