Trump proves he's not very good at the whole 'spin' thing as he tries to explain away his convention humiliation

Trump proves he's not very good at the whole 'spin' thing as he tries to explain away his convention humiliation
Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Impeached bunker-hider Donald Trump’s idiocy, plus the incompetence of his Republican Party, conspired to deliver yet another humiliating defeat to the beleaguered president, forcing them to give up their last-minute attempt to move their convention to Jacksonville, Florida, in a fit of pique. So how do you retreat after making such a big show of dissing Charlotte, North Carolina, along with the Democrats who run the city and state for enforcing limits on public gatherings and mask wearing?

You make stuff up, of course.

Look at Trump’s hilariously bad spin:

Trump said on Thursday he informed his team that his focus was on protecting the American people, even though aides advised him they could make an in-person convention safe.

Actually, the local sheriff, a Republican, made very clear he couldn’t keep the convention safe. "We knew some months back that this effort was going to be a huge lift…with a timetable that was aggressive to say the least, the communication required to make the critical steps come together just never seemed to gel. And still has not," Duval County Sheriff Mike Williams told Politico.

Meanwhile, this happened:

Jacksonville eventually implemented the same restrictions Charlotte originally had, rendering Trump’s dream of his unfettered, unsafe, and utterly irresponsible convention dead.

"I looked at my team and I said the timing for this event is not right. It's just not right," Trump said at the White House. "To have a big convention, it's not the right time."

Ha ha, right.

His demands for a big convention were literally the reason he picked up his ball and huffily went (to his new Florida) home. Nothing has changed since then—the pandemic was in full swing in May, and it wasn’t as if he did anything to try and help stop its spread.

“There's nothing more important in our country than keeping our people safe," Trump said.

Trump lacks even the barest hint of empathy or give-a-fuck about anyone else besides him and his daughter Ivanka. Period. He doesn’t care about keeping people safe, otherwise he wouldn’t be attacking others—like Dr. Anthony Fauci—for trying to keep people safe. Or, for that matter, the Democratic governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper.

Heck, just yesterday, Trump ran to his last friend Sean Hannity to shed tears over how mean he was treated by those dastardly Democrats. “We went to North Carolina. We wanted to do it there. It was all set,” Trump sobbed on the air. “We were going to build a beautiful facility. And it got hit hard. And the governor then, really, he could have treated us better, Democrat governor."

Reminder: all Cooper did was refuse to waive the state’s mask and social distancing requirements, which Trump now says is justified, because, you know, “there's nothing more important in our country than keeping our people safe,” right?

Nah, Trump doesn’t believe that. He’s been forced to say those words to try and save face, but when given a moment with Hannity on Fox News, he reverts to form, airing his grievances at someone for actually trying to keep people safe.


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