'Her fingerprints are all over this': Susan Collins pummeled after Brett Kavanaugh votes to uphold Louisiana anti-abortion law

'Her fingerprints are all over this': Susan Collins pummeled after Brett Kavanaugh votes to uphold Louisiana anti-abortion law
Gage Skidmore
The Right Wing

The U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, has struck down a Louisiana anti-abortion law, which required doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges in a local hospital. Justice Brett Kavanaugh was among the four dissenters, and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is being slammed on social media for voting for Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the High Court in 2018.

When she came out in favor of Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Collins insisted that Trump’s nominee would be pro-choice in his rulings and recognize Roe v. Wade as “settled law.”  In 2018, Collins asserted, ““Interest groups have speculated that Judge Kavanaugh was selected to do the bidding of conservative ideologues, despite his record of judicial independence. I asked the judge point-blank whether he had made any commitments or pledges to anyone at the White House, to the Federalist Society, or to any outside group on how he would decide cases. He unequivocally assured me he had not.”

But as Kavanaugh’s ruling on the Louisiana law demonstrates, he is very much a social conservative in the Clarence Thomas/Antonin Scalia vein — a fact that Twitter users have been pointing out in their anti-Collins posts.

The Lincoln Project, a Never Trump conservative group, tweeted, “Kavanaugh tried to strike down a 4 year precedent, but instead strikes down Susan Collins' 24 year Senate career.”

Twitter user Christopher Anderson, @cjanderson1988, used Kavanaugh’s ruling to remind readers that Collins is up for reelection this year and might lose to Democrat Sara Gideon, speaker of the Maine House of Representatives. Anderson wrote, “Friendly reminder that @senatorcollins voted to confirm Kavanaugh, who just voted to overturn a long standing precedent, because she said he would respect stare decisis. Please give what you can to @SaraGideon.”

Journalist Molly Jong-Fast’s tweet was short and to the point: “Fuck Kavanaugh.” And @FredRaker wondered, “Do you think Susan Collins has buyer’s remorse?”

Other Twitter users stressed that Collins was foolish if, in 2018, she honestly believed that Kavanaugh considered Roe v. Wade “settled law.” @BradW. Parr wrote, “I wonder how @SenatorCollins fells that both Supreme Court justices she supported would have voted to restrict abortion in today's LA opinion.”

See other reactions below:

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