Trump unleashes a barrage of Twitter attacks at his enemies as the coronavirus crisis worsens

Trump unleashes a barrage of Twitter attacks at his enemies as the coronavirus crisis worsens
President Donald Trump talks on the phone aboard Air Force One during a flight to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to address a joint gathering of House and Senate Republicans, Thursday, January 26, 2017. This was the President’s first Trip aboard Air Force One. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

President Donald Trump has had a lot to say about Super Tuesday on Twitter, mocking former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Sen. Elizabeth Warren for not receiving more delegates in 2020’s Democratic presidential primary. And the president is being slammed by Twitter users for spending so much time tweeting about his political rivals while the threat of coronavirus goes from bad to worse.

Bloomberg had high hopes for Super Tuesday, but according to the Wall Street Journal, he only picked up a total of 44 pledged delegates as of Wednesday morning. Biden, in contrast, had picked up at least 467, while Sen. Bernie Sanders had picked up at least 392 and Warren had at least 51 — although Sanders expected to increase his delegate count substantially after more results from California came in. Following Biden’s surge, Bloomberg announced that he was dropping out of the race and endorsing the former vice president.

Trump couldn’t resist weighing on Bloomberg’s announcement, tweeting, “Mini Mike Bloomberg just ‘quit’ the race for President. I could have told him long ago that he didn’t have what it takes, and he would have saved himself a billion dollars, the real cost. Now he will pour money into Sleepy Joe’s campaign, hoping to save face. It won’t work!”

That tweet has received some scathing responses. @Strandjunker posted, “Real presidents would be working and leading instead of childish nonstop tweeting, you clown. #Covid_19 #TrumpVirusCoverup,” while Christopher Zullo, @ChrisJZullo (a self-described “Rockefeller Republican”) reminded Trump that Bloomberg has a lot of money to invest in Biden’s campaign — posting, “We will always remember #CarnivalBarkingClown though. Plus, since you’ve attacked him, I am sure he is going to pour money into attacking your dismal record. Your administration is like an unprepared group of kids that were given the keys to our most treasured body of government.”

Another Twitter user, @outofcontroljb, mocked Trump by posting a CNN graphic showing that Trump has a net worth of $3.1 billion compared to Bloomberg’s much larger net worth of $52 billion.

Stewart Beckham, @iTweetyNerd, asserted, “Our President can'’t even get himself together to get to the office today. He has been obsessing over Mike Bloomberg all morning. And then some low blows at Senator Warren. This is not handling a public health crisis.”

In a separate tweet, Trump posted, “Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, other than Mini Mike, was the loser of the night. She didn’t even come close to winning her home state of Massachusetts. Well, now she can just sit back with her husband and have a nice cold beer!”

That tweet has received its share of scathing responses as well. @mMmpadellan posted, “At the end of the day: - Mike Bloomberg is still a billionaire - Elizabeth Warren is still smarter and way more likeable than you - You were IMPEACHED for trying to prevent Biden from doing what he did tonight. So...who’s the REAL loser, Spanky?” And @AndyOstroy asserted, “I was gonna say ‘why can’t you act like a president’...but the bigger question is, ‘why can’t you even act like a human?’”

@Mcintosh182 said of Trump, “He wasn’t loved by his father. It’s made him the man he is today, while Bishop Talbert Swan, @TalbertSwan, said of Warren, “At least her husband likes her. That’s more than you can say about Melanie.” And Andy Ostroy, @AndyOstroy asked Trump, “Do you enjoy embarrassing yourself by sounding like a 15-year-old schmuck?”

Lesley Abravanel, @lesleyabravanel, had another question for the president, tweeting, asked, “How many coronavirus test kits do we have in the country now?”

As of Wednesday morning, coronavirus had claimed more than 3200 people worldwide, including nine in Washington State.

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