GOP strategist lays out his plan for Obama to help snatch the White House away from Trump

GOP strategist lays out his plan for Obama to help snatch the White House away from Trump
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Now that former Vice President Joe Biden scored an overwhelming win in the South Carolina Democratic primary — reviving his faltering presidential campaign – – GOP strategist and avid Never Trumper Rick Wilson said it is time for Barack Obama to weigh in on the 2020 race in order to boot Donald Trump before he can do any more damage.

According to Wilson, writing at the Daily Beast, Obama needs to throw his full weight behind Biden before Super Tuesday in a way that will shake up the race.

“He [Obama] almost certainly will resist this idea, but Obama should play a leadership role in a party bereft of leaders by endorsing Joe Biden before Super Tuesday. Tomorrow would be good,” Wilson wrote, before including a simple speech the former president could use to make the point.

 Among other points, Wilson would have Obama say, “This race is too important for me to sit on the sidelines. The only thing that matters this fall is that we take back the White House from Donald Trump and retake the Senate, and the only man who can beat him is my friend Joe.”

Obama can transform this race in a hot second. The question is if he will put his mouth where his heart is, man up and say out loud what he’s been whispering for months about how nominating Sanders helps re-elect Trump. It’s now or never,” he continued, before making the case against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who Wilson thinks would be a disaster in the general election.

“Biden beat Sanders like a rented mule. The exit polls told the tale; it was a crushing defeat across almost every demographic group, with three in five black voters overall choosing Joe. Thirty-five percent of black voters thought negatively about Sanders, versus 11 percent for Biden. Even young voters—ostensibly the core of Sander’s support—split their vote,” he wrote. ” The idea that Bernie Sanders has an alchemical formula for turning out progressive voters and ‘expanding the electorate’ collided with the reality of South Carolina, and Biden. The media had taken those assumptions as given, and now the cracks in Bernie’s electoral case will get a hard examination. Woke Twitter may be all-in for Sanders, but Woke Twitter gets exactly zero delegates.”

After reviewing all the other possible options, Wilson concluded, “South Carolina changed the game tonight. Now, we’ll see if the players understand just how important the right decisions in the coming days will be to their chances this fall against Donald Trump.”

You can read the whole piece here (subscription required).


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