George Conway in scorching op-ed: Bill Barr will never stop covering up Trump’s crimes — and it will never be enough

George Conway in scorching op-ed: Bill Barr will never stop covering up Trump’s crimes — and it will never be enough
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In a brutally blunt op-ed for the Washington Postconservative attorney George Conway dismissed out of hand William Barr’s worries about Donald Trump telling him what to do via Twitter, saying the president’s hand-picked attorney general is already in perfect sync with the president without a word being said.

As Conway — the husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway — put it, “No one does it better than Barr,” when it comes to “…anticipating Trump’s narcissistic whims and desires.”

“No one could doubt, least of all Barr, what Trump’s reaction would be to line prosecutors’ recommendation of a seven- to nine-year sentence for [Trump associate Roger] Stone,” Conway wrote. “So when it came to Stone’s sentence, Barr likely knew what to do, without ever being told. And he has known what to do, whenever feasible, to keep Trump happy all along. Even before he became attorney general, he was singing a tune that must have been music to Trump’s ears: He sent an unsolicited memo to the Justice Department arguing (wrongly) that Trump was legally incapable of obstructing the Mueller investigation.”

Noting that Barr misled the public about what was in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Donald Trump and his administration, Conway wrote, “Since then, Barr has personally supervised a mysterious re-investigation of the Russia investigation, seemingly trying to substantiate his boss’s conspiracy theories about the original investigation’s origins. And now we have his intervention in favor of Stone, which duly earned him the president’s praise, and his reported review of politically sensitive (meaning, sensitive to Trump) criminal cases, such as the one against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.”

Conway then turned to Barr’s admonishing the president to stop trying to influence him via Twitter, saying it is not needed because Barr has no intention of bucking the president because his survival as attorney general depends upon it.

“The president will never listen, and what Barr does for him will never be enough. Now having been acquitted by the Senate, Trump thinks he’s bulletproof, legally and otherwise. He now brags, as he tweeted on Saturday, that he is ‘the King’ who was targeted but not taken down. And, drawing on a story in the New York Times that suggested he is stained but unshackled, Trump boasted that he has indeed survived ‘triumphant’ and ’emboldened’ and ‘focused’ more than ever on prosecuting ‘his case of grievance, persecution, and resentment,'” he wrote before darkly warning, “So Trump wants to say the quiet part out loud; he wants to say he’s got this. And there’s no one to stop him now.”

You can read the whole piece here.

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