Damning outline of Russian interference blows up claim the Kremlin is merely sowing chaos: The objective is to ‘reelect Trump’

Damning outline of Russian interference blows up claim the Kremlin is merely sowing chaos: The objective is to ‘reelect Trump’
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The Center for American Progress’ Moscow Project website was an informative source of information during former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, and the Moscow Project has continued to analyze the Trump/Russia connection during the 2020 presidential election. In an article published on February 25, the Moscow Project stresses that the Kremlin has a favorite in this year’s election — President Donald Trump — and will do everything it can to help him win a second term.

“Russia’s main objective in 2020 is the same it was in 2016,” the Moscow Project warns. “That objective isn’t simply to sow discord; it is, as the U.S. intelligence concluded in 2017, to elect Donald Trump.”

According to the Moscow Project, it is “absurd” to think that the Russian government won’t interfere in the 2020 election just as it interfered in the 2016 election.

“Asserting that Russia is not helping Trump in 2020 ignores everything that has happened over the past four years,” the Moscow Project asserts. “Russia helped Trump; Trump helped Russia. Now, they are doing it again.”

Trump recently fired his acting intelligence director, Joseph Maguire, replacing him with a loyalist: Richard Grenell, who has been serving as U.S. ambassador to Germany. Reportedly, Trump was angry with Maguire for warning that Russia would interfere in the 2020 election in the hope of helping Trump win a second term. And the Moscow Project laments, “Trump’s efforts to intimidate the intelligence community and U.S. law enforcement for his own personal benefit is working.”

The Mueller report shows, in great detail, the lengths that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his supporters went to in 2016 to help Trump defeat Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. And Trump’s presidency, according to the Moscow Project, has been a “boon” for the Kremlin.

“Since taking office,” the Moscow Project observes, “President Trump has instituted policies both at home and abroad that feed into Putin’s agenda, including by degrading the transatlantic alliance, downgrading human rights and destabilizing America from within.”

The Moscow Project concludes its article by warning that National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien has been “undermining the obvious truth that Russia wants Trump to win in 2020” and trying to discredit Sen. Bernie Sanders, who may end up running against Trump in the general election if his frontrunner status in the Democratic presidential primary holds up. Sanders, as of February 27, leads in the delegate count.

“In interviews with both ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos and CBS News’ Margaret Brennan, O’Brien downplayed the evidence of Russia’s preference for Trump while transparently attempting to stoke suspicion surrounding Sanders,” the Moscow Project explains. “In other words: the White House is actively undermining the intelligence community to protect the president and attack his political opponents.”


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