Kellyanne Conway melts down after CNN’s Blitzer asks about husband George’s impeachment observations

Kellyanne Conway melts down after CNN’s Blitzer asks about husband George’s impeachment observations
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On CNN Thursday, an interview with counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway went off the rails when anchor Wolf Blitzer asked her about the impeachment analysis made by her husband George Conway, who is notoriously anti-Trump.

“I just have a final question, a sensitive question, and it’s a political question, it’s a substantive question. I don’t want to talk about your marriage. I know that there are issues there,” said Blitzer. “Your husband George Conway—”

“What did you just say?” snapped Conway. “Did you just say there are issues there? … Why would you say that?”

“I don’t want to talk about your marriage. I want to talk about a substantive point that your husband George Conway made,” said Blitzer. “He was on television all day yesterday during the first day of the impeachment hearings and said this about the president of the United States. I just want your reaction to the substance of what—”

“Why are you doing that?” said Conway.

“Because he’s a legal scholar. He’s a lawyer and was really going after the president of the United States,” said Blitzer.

“And the relevance is — and — come on. Wait for it. Drum roll. And he’s married to me?” said Conway.

“He happens to be married to you,” said Blitzer. “He’s also a legal scholar. He’s got a substantive point.”

“You should not have just said to your audience, I don’t want to talk about your marriage, quote, I know there are issues,” said. Conway.

“I don’t want to talk about your marriage,” repeated Blitzer. “Listen to what your husband said. I’ll play the clip.”

“The problem with Donald Trump is, he always sees himself first,” said George in the clip. “Trump is all about Trump. And that’s why it was inevitable he’d get himself into this soup once again. And that’s what this is all about. He’s using the — he was using the power of the presidency in its most unchecked area, foreign affairs, to advance his own personal interest as opposed to the country’s.”

“All right. That’s a serious allegation. A serious charge,” said Blitzer.

“That is his opinion,” said Conway. “And where — honestly, where is the shame? Where is the introspection of people who have said for three years, respectfully, Wolf, actually beginning in May of 2017, I’ll quote your wife’s husband right now, I won’t talk about your marriage but I’ll quote your wife’s husband. 2017 you asked Angus King, are we getting closer to impeachment? Does anybody ever feel badly about getting it so wrong? We sort of look the other way of how wrong everybody was here and elsewhere with the elections. I was on your network every single day as gracefully and respectfully as I could laying out the case as to why Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton. I have a living, breathing video catalog which is why I don’t worry about anything when people say, I always knew he’d win. I said it all the time. Because you were sleeping when I was on TV in the morning and at night. We have a leaving breathing catalog. We’re going back to Pennsylvania. It’s the same stuff all the time.”

“What you just quoted is said every day by other voices but you wanted to put it in my husband’s voice because you think somehow that that will help your ratings or that you’re really sticking it to Kellyanne Conway,” she continued. “And let me be very clear. You didn’t stick it to Kellyanne Conway. I think you embarrassed yourself and I’m embarrassed for you because this is CNN now?”

Watch below:

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