Ivanka Trump brutally mocked after tweet comparing her father to Thomas Jefferson

Ivanka Trump brutally mocked after tweet comparing her father to Thomas Jefferson
Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump addresses the G20 Women’s Empowerment Event in Osaka, Japan, Saturday, June 29 2019. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

On Thursday morning — as the House of Representatives was preparing to vote on a resolution to proceed with an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump — his daughter, White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump, took to Twitter and made a Donald Trump/Thomas Jefferson comparison. And it wasn’t long before she was lambasted for it by fellow Twitter users.

In her Halloween 2019 tweet, Ivanka Trump quoted a letter that Jefferson (the third president of the United States) wrote to his oldest daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph, in 1801 during an election crisis: “…surrounded by enemies and spies catching and perverting every word that falls from my lips or flows from my pen, and inventing where facts fail them.” Jefferson was describing the state of politics in Washington, D.C., and after quoting him in her tweet, Ivanka Trump wrote, “Some things never change, dad!”

The implication was that just as Jefferson (who served as president from 1801-1809) was unfairly smeared by politicians in his day, so is her father in 2019. And not surprisingly, many Twitter users disagreed strongly with the comparison.

@ HoarseWisperer angrily responded, “You are the most vapid tool ever to step foot in the White House,” and @Amy_Siskind tweeted, “Your family is a crime syndicate running our government.  Hopefully, all of you end up in prison where you belong.” Another biting quote came from @davehoag, who posted, “Does anyone know if Thomas Jefferson and Martha Jefferson Randolph also laundered money for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard?”

Journalist David Rothkopf explained why a Donald Trump/Thomas Jefferson comparison was wildly inappropriate, posting, “So, Ivanka, couple things: a.) Jefferson worked his whole life to ensure the president was not above the law b.)  Jefferson was the first top official to call for the impeachment of a president (Washington) for being too close a foreign nation (when he approved the Jay Treaty).”

Twitter user @maydaymindy9 described the president’s daughter as “an empty vessel in a plastic casing,” while @RobinMadel posted, “Sorry, Ivanka doesn’t history very well.” And @Emolclause explained, “White House staffers didn’t throw up their hands in exasperation over Thomas Jefferson’s LIES.”

On Thursday, the House voted 232-196 for the impeachment inquiry against President Trump to move forward. The votes came down along mostly partisan lines, with Republicans voting against the resolution and most Democrats voting in favor of it.


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