Just what we needed: The Atlantic publishes yet another profile on racist Trump supporters sobbing about being called racists

Just what we needed: The Atlantic publishes yet another profile on racist Trump supporters sobbing about being called racists
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It would be informative if the media was obsessed with profiling, oh, say, children and families affected by our destructive immigration policies, but instead, we’re stuck with a continuous loop of hot garbage takes about racist Trump supporters such as The Atlantic’s “We’re All Tired of Being Called Racists,” in which rallygoers from his Thursday night Ohio hatefest cried about being called racists. Surprise! They said some pretty racist shit in the process.

Example: Roseanna and Amy, who claimed, Oh gosh, they would never join in a “Send her back!” chant about Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar. But Roseanna, one of the “forgotten people” media can’t seem to forget, had some thoughts about her. “Look, but she is gonna get—you know, I don’t want her stinkin’ Muslim crap in my country.” It’s “Sharia law,” pal Amy agreed. “That’s not America,” Roseanna continued, saying, “She is a Muslim through and through … she wants that all here.” Per The Atlantic, Roseanna then “wondered whether Omar had come to the U.S. illegally.”

For the record, Rep. Omar came here as a refugee, and became a U.S. citizen at 17. You know, if racist Trump supporters don’t want to be called racist, it’s actually pretty easy to fix: Stop being racist. But so much of their outrage is over being labeled as racists, and not actually over the actions themselves, such as threatening someone with ICE for speaking Spanish, or calling 911 on someone over the act of waiting-in-a-hotel-lobby-while-black. But just don’t call them racists—it hurts their feelings.

Wouldn’t a fantastic change of pace be relentless coverage of Americans such as Francisco Erwin Galicia and Julia Isabel Amparo Medina? They’re two U.S. citizens recently terrorized by federal immigration officials, who refused to believe their citizenship documents were real and detained them, Francisco for nearly a month, and 9-year-old—9-year-old!—Julia for more than 30 hours. “I was scared,” the girl said following her release. “I was sad because I didn't have my mom or my brother. I was completely by myself.”

Or there could be media focus on the recent court filing showing that the Trump administration has continued to steal children at the southern border, nearly 1,000 of them, and in spite of a court order forbidding this. That news came and went, and so has media coverage of the numerous migrant children who have died after being taken into federal immigration custody. No child had died in this manner for a decade, until the Trump administration. Instead, we get, “Have Democrats moved too far to the left?” Instead, we get Roseanna and Amy.

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