NBC analyst forced to delete photo of fancy Maureen Dowd party attended by Pelosi and Schumer after getting blasted online

NBC analyst forced to delete photo of fancy Maureen Dowd party attended by Pelosi and Schumer after getting blasted online
Nancy Pelosi/Shutterstock
Nancy Pelosi/Shutterstock

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd recently hosted a party at her home in Washington, D.C., where the attendees ranged from NBC News’ Howard Fineman to prominent Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Fineman tweeted a photo of himself at Dowd’s party socializing with those top Democrats, but he removed it after receiving some very negative reactions. And Twitter users have had a lot to say about Fineman and the photo.

Fineman explained, “In the old days, it would’ve been a benign big-shot brag. No more. It was viciously ratio’d by left and right. I deleted it. All establishments are hated.”

The negative reactions, to be sure, have been numerous. @CommieAngel complained that journalists “shouldn’t be partying  with politicians” and must maintain their “objectivity.” And @dawn4amber asserted, “The very fact you don't understand why it’s a problem is why we have a rich country with third world problems.”

@Techtonic17 denounced Fineman as an example of “millionaire access journalists partying” with “millionaire politicians,” while @Matt_Read_N angrily tweeted, “You seriously don't understand that people are pissed off with how the media and the politicians cozy up to each other?” And bitter sarcasm was expressed by@zwnyc, who tweeted, “How odd that anyone should think it’s problematic for wealthy media figures to be buddying up with wealthy politicians. People are so touchy!”

Many of the angry tweets referenced the class divisions in the U.S. For example, @still_NunyaDB posted, “Rich people mad about poor people not properly groveling over images of their privileged lives is peak U.S. oligarchy.” And @ODhonnabhain asserted, “I’m so sorry your kissing up to and hobnobbing with those in power was disapproved of by the peasants, who stupidly believe that being giddy over hanging with your overlords affects objectivity in covering them and holding them accountable.”

@LetItBurnUSA complained that “politicians have been loathed for a long time,” with the “legacy media” having “joined their ranks.” And @BadJohnBrown asked, “Was Bernie Sanders at this D.C. cocktail party?”

Although many of the angry tweets have been aimed at Fineman, others have targeted Pelosi and Dowd. Journalist Sarah Kendzior went after Pelosi on Twitter, posting that “before heading to the cocktail party at Maureen Dowd's house,” the House speaker “stood on a stage with Elijah Cummings and pretended to care about the death of democracy.” And Saira Rao denounced Pelosi and Dowd as “two liberal white women, who put the target on The Squad’s back.”

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