Freedom Caucus Republican Jim Jordan lambasted for buffoonish questioning during Michael Cohen’s testimony

The Right Wing

Predictably, Republican supporters of President Donald Trump went out of their way to discredit attorney Michael Cohen during his testimony at a House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday. One of the most buffoonish was Rep. Jim Jordan; the Ohio congressman (a member of the far-right Freedom Caucus) attacked Cohen for being disloyal to Trump and committing criminal acts—accusing him of having a case of sour grapes because Trump didn’t give him a job in the White House. And Jordan is being mocked unmercifully on Twitter for his ludicrous questioning of Cohen.

Journalist Julian Sanchez found Jordan’s sour grapes claims to be laughable, posting, “Jim Jordan is trying ‘everyone is lying about Trump because they didn’t get the job they warned.’ I can’t think of any previous administration where this is how people reacted to not getting administration jobs.”

Sam Seder, a radio host and MSNBC contributor, tweeted, “Jim Jordan seems much better at not reporting child predators than asking questions of witnesses.” Seder was referring to a scandal in which wrestlers at Ohio State (where Jordan spent eight years as an assistant wrestling coach) alleged they had been sexually molested by a team doctor.

Comedian Mike Drucker posted, “Jim Jordan when he feels he got one minute less than another person: ‘THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I will file a motion! THIS IS A SCANDAL!’ Jim Jordan when he spent nearly a decade being aware of students being abused: (not a goddamn word).”

Physician Pradheep J. Shanker, meanwhile, tweeted, “Jordan did a great job showing this sleazy guy worked for another sleazy guy for a decade.”

Some of the criticism of Jordan’s questioning came from far-right author Ann Coulter, who has been highly critical of Trump in recent weeks for—as she sees it—not fighting aggressively enough for a U.S./Mexico border wall. When Twitter user Benny Johnson described Jordan’s questioning of Cohen as “brutal,” Coulter responded, “If by ‘brutal,’ you mean ‘idiotic.’”

Coulter also tore apart Jordan’s claim that Cohen’s testimony is a case of sour grapes. Coulter tweeted, “Cohen was convicted of a slew of serious felonies. Prosecutors could have gotten him to do ANYTHING. It’s not vengeance for missing the joy of working in the White House.”

In a separate tweet, Coulter asserted, “GOP might want to drop the argument that WORKING IN TRUMP'S WHITE HOUSE is some sort of Xanadu, the absence of which caused Cohen to declare war on the president. This was a plea bargain, idiots.”

Attorney/journalist Seth Abramson mocked Jordan’s loyalty to Trump, posting, “Michael Cohen worked for Donald Trump for ten years, but what we don’t know yet is how long Jim Jordan has worked for him.”

Other Abramson tweets were equally biting. Abramson posted, “Jim Jordan has said PUBLICLY that he can’t name ONE Trump lie. Jordan contends Trump has NEVER lied. This despite the fact that The Washington Post has reported on NINE THOUSAND LIES told by Trump. And today Jim Jordan is attacking Cohen as a liar. It’s a low moment for Congress.”

Twitter user David Klion posted, “It’s very disorienting that Michael Cohen is smarter and more likable than anyone in the House GOP caucus.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes also weighed in, posting, “I don’t agree with much Jim Jordan stands for, but I respect his allergy to suit jackets.”

Chicago-based journalist Parker Molloy went for comic relief as well, tweeting, “Jim Jordan always looks like the guy from a zombie film who tries to hide that he got bit from the rest of his group.”

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