Watch: Fox News Host Shoots Down Sarah Sanders' Lie and Prove Trump is Responsible for Immigration Stalemate

Watch: Fox News Host Shoots Down Sarah Sanders' Lie and Prove Trump is Responsible for Immigration Stalemate

Yesterday, faced with negative press and midterm fears for his party, President Donald Trump made a wild promise to repeal the 14th Amendment's protection of birthright citizenship by executive order.

The stunt was so ridiculous that when White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on "Fox & Friends" to discuss the issue, even one of cable news' most Trump-friendly talk shows greeted her with skepticism and pushback.

Sanders quickly tried to change the subject when asked whether Trump actually had the power to cancel a constitutional right.

"There are a number of legal scholars who certainly think he can, but again, let's not forget why we're in this place, why we're even here at all, and that's because of the failure of Congress, Democrats in Congress, to actually do their job," said Sanders. "And again, the president is going to take whatever powers he has to protect our borders and to protect our country."

There are a lot of things wrong with what Sanders said. She failed to name any of these "legal scholars" who believe Trump can eliminate the 14th Amendment with the stroke of a pen (and in fact, at least one of Trump's own judicial appointees says he can't). And it is unclear why she is conflating birthright citizenship with the fight over DACA, which is a completely separate matter.

But Steve Doocy then proceeded to debunk the biggest lie in Sanders' statement, to her face.

"But Sarah, you remember, it was a couple of months back, where the president and [Senate Democratic Leader] Chuck Schumer sounded like they came real close to a deal, where Chuck said, 'You know what, I'll give you the money for the wall, Mr. President, I just want the Dreamers to be able to stay here in the United States,'" said Doocy. "And the president, according to the stories we've heard, said 'You know what? I think I can get more. No.' Was that a mistake not to take that deal at that point?"

Watch below:

Doocy is right. Schumer was completely willing to agree to most of Trump's demands, including a border wall and some restrictions on visa sponsorship, in return for protecting work permits for young immigrants. Trump refused to take yes for an answer — it is entirely thanks to him that no deal was reached. And it was also Trump who revoked DACA permits in the first place and created a crisis that needed a compromise to fix.

Even the "Fox & Friends" crew are now struggling to accept the White House's contradictions on this issue. And Trump's attempt to steer the narrative is spinning out of control.

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