These Are the Best Sources of Protein for Vegetarians and Vegans

Protein is central to the human diet: It helps the body self-repair, and is important for the immune system and metabolism. When you give up eating meat, one of the first things you will hear is, "But where will you get your protein?"

White meat is packed with good proteins. Maybe you relied on chicken and pork to get your nutrition before you realized you would like to stop eating meat. But switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet isn’t just about cutting out certain products from your diet—you need to ensure that you get all the nutrition you need.

Any seasoned vegetarian or vegan will tell you that protein is not a problem. Nature provides plenty of alternative, plant-based sources of protein, and it is easy to incorporate them into delicious recipes.

The infographics below are great at-a-glance protein guides so you can instantly tell the protein value of a number of vegetarian- and vegan-friendly ingredients. Pick out some foods you like, and see how they can be incorporated into some interesting recipes.

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The infographic above was originally published by OnStride Financial.

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The infographic above was originally published by OnStride Financial.

[Editor's note: According to the Quorn website: "All Quorn products meet vegetarian dietary standards. There are currently four Vegan products available in the USA: Vegan Chik'n Tenders, Vegan Chik'n Cutlets, Vegan Breaded Cutlets, Vegan Spicy Chik'n Patty, and Vegan Burger. These four vegan products are meatless, egg & dairy-free. All other Quorn products contain a small amount of egg white." Thanks to reader Martyn Jakins-Pollard for pointing this out.]

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