Here Are All of the Trump Products Made Overseas

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When right-wing commentators are not making bizarre apologies for sexual-assault braggart Donald Trump's "locker room talk," they are praising him for how great he is on trade. Trump talks big about how he will bring back jobs, not let them leave in the first place, and place tariffs on goods made in other countries, punishing corporations that offshore jobs. On this topic, like every other, Trump could be said to be stretching the truth so much it practially violates the Geneva Conventions, as he has been a prime offshorer of jobs on his path to billionaire status and has a well-documented history of treating small businesses and craftspeople like crap.

Much like his other bold policy prescriptions, Trump's promise to bring back our jobs from crooked China and ensure that all of our products are made right here in the USA runs completely counter to reality. His history of outsourcing his products is as long as his history of bankruptcies—in fact, he has previously sung the praises of outsourcing, even promoting outsourcing to students at his fraudulent Trump University.

“Outsourcing Creates Jobs in the Long Run,” was the headline of a course description Trump wrote for Trump U in 2005, the same year he boasted to Billy Bush about grabbing women by their genitals. "We hear terrible things about outsourcing jobs—how sending work outside of our companies is contributing to the demise of American businesses," Trump (or his ghostwriter) opened. "But in this instance I have to take the unpopular stance that it is not always a terrible thing."

But it wasn't until an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman in 2012 when Trump was publically mocked and exposed as a serial and deceptive outsourcer of jobs. Trump was boasting incoherently about his crappy ties and where they were made, when Letterman chimed in and said, "They were made in China and Bangladesh." 

So just how much of Trump's products are made overseas? Here's the complete list.

1. Trump apparel 

The Donald J. Trump Collection includes ties, suits, dress shirts, eyeglasses and other accessories. Trump shirts were made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras and Vietnam.

The Clinton campaign has pounced on many of these glaring hypocrisies in many ads in several key swing states. 

2. Trump home Items

That's right, you can adorn your home with the Trump label and risk your house either being foreclosed or falling into a sink hole. Trump Home offers a variety of items including chandeliers, mirrors, bedding, table lamps, cabinets, sofas, barstools, cocktail tables and more. Reports show that pretty much all of these items are made in a host of foreign countries, including China and Turkey.

The Clinton campaign has jumped on this as well, pointing to a trademark registration for the Trump Home brand that clearly shows picture frames and other home products that were made in India.

3. Trump hotel items

Trump's chain of luxurious hotels and opulent condos are the crowning achievements of his sprawling empire. When he's not going ballistic on Twitter at 3am like a jealous ex, or railing about how the Republican establishment has hung him out to dry, he's constantly boasting about all of his fabulous hotels.

The only problem is that virtually all of his hotel items are made in China and Taiwan. 

4. Trump beverages

Nothing quenches one's thirst quite like having to drink something with the Trump label emblazoned across it. I'm referring of course to Trump Natural Spring Water, which is served at Trump hotels, restaurants and golf clubs. Believe it or not, Trump water comes from New York or Vermont, and is bottled in New York.

However, the same can't be said about the hilariously failed Trump Vodka. 

Trump Vodka was manufactured at a distillery in the Netherlands, but the distribution company stopped carrying it in 2010. An Israeli company continued to carry Trump Vodka, although the version sold in Israel is different from the original Trump Vodka. The Trump Vodka produced and sold in Israel is made from ingredients that make it kosher for Passover, which made it a popular beverage around the holidays. However, the Jerusalem Post reported that none of the ingredients were actually kosher. 

As Hillary Clinton has said at both debates now, Trump lives in his own reality. To be even more precise, Trump appears to be building (or rather paying unqualified Polish immigrants slave wages to build) a wall around reason and truth. His newfound love for America and protectionism runs counter to his years of amassing obscene wealth as a shady businessman. His ability to sell crap to his low-information basket of deplorables and have them screaming for seconds is accomplished purely by playing to their white rage. 

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