What Dangers Lurk in Your Rosé? Bon Appetit's Wine Editor Shows You (Video)


Even if your fridge is full of organic produce, a surprising part of your kitchen is likely still prone to harbor pesticides: the wine rack.

Marissa A. Ross, wine editor of Bon Appétit magazine, wants to free you from wines made from pesticide-ridden grapes. And fear not; whether you're married to an unorganic brand or you're already in the know about sustainable wines (we applaud you!), you have plenty of new options. To help you find them, Ross has teamed up with eco-friendly fashion brand Reformation to create a video series highlighting sustainable wine options to please both your palate and the planet. The series is called Drink Sustainably and is viewable on YouTube. 

Oh, and watching Ross struggle to open bottles and pronounce French wine names in between takes of expert displays of oenophile knowledge? So entertaining.

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Reformation is already touted by celebrities from Rihanna and Taylor Swift to model Karlie Kloss, the New York Times reports in a feature on the clothing brand. Reformation uses "sustainable methods and materials," often incorporating a vintage look, according to its website. The brand is encouraging Instagram-worthy style and sustainability to go hand in hand for every part of your brunch, from what you're wearing to what you're drinking. It's a few ways to encourage young women to "Change the World Without Changing Your Style," as Reformation's SoHo store greets customers.

As for Ross, she is a woman of many hats (and judging from this video series, enviable Reformation summer dresses): knowledgeable about wine, funny as anything in YouTube videos and in writing (check out her website Wineallthetime and her just-announced forthcoming book). Assistant to comedian extraordinaire Mindy Kaling (if she's at all true to her characters in The Office or The Mindy Project), Ross is truly a diva to behold.

Ross's humor shines through as she describes a potentially droll "hormone confusion" alternative to cancer-causing chemical pesticides. If you take "too much delicious lady scent" and confuse male bugs, says Ross, "they don't infest the vineyard. And that's awesome."

The first wine she reviews is a perfectly pink Thibaud Boudignon Rosé de Loire.

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And if you think that's pretty, check out the beautiful way Ross butchers the name:

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Check out this "really sexy beach date in a bottle," as Ross describes it.

Watch the first episode below:

And now you are armed to wine all the time, with Ross, with a clear conscience and bubbly pink buzz.

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