How You Can Order Cocaine, Marijuana, Meth Delivered to Your Door Via FedEx


Silk Road has been busted, Agora has voluntarily shut down (at least for now), but Dark Web drug sales show no sign of slowing down. Now some particularly brazen operators are coming out of the dark and into the open with illegal drug sales websites available to anyone with a web browser.

We're not talking about those Chinese websites that serve as middlemen between pharmaceutical factories cranking out new psychoactive substances and their eager wholesale customers around the globe. We're talking about a pair of websites that are taking the Silk Road retail drugs sales model to the world wide web.

People who like to buy their drugs online, without all the hassle of going to sketchy neighborhoods and meeting face-to-face with sketchy characters, are taking note. It certainly is convenient to have high-quality cocaine, ecstasy, meth, or marijuana delivered directly to your doorstep by UPS or FedEx.

The Dark Web, which requires an anonymizing Tor browser to access, has generally served online drug sellers well. The anonymity provided by the Tor browser, as well as identity- and location-hiding techniques have made it nearly impossible for law enforcement to successfully go after such sites—although not totally impossible, as the Silk Road's Dread Pirate Roberts (Ross William Ulbricht) can tell you. Or could tell you, if you contacted him at the federal prison where he will be living for the next few years.

But despite the occasional, much ballyhooed Dark Web drug bust, the online drug selling business continues apace, with law enforcement playing an unending game of catch-up with ever-vigilant site administrators. And for every site that gets busted or goes dark, one, two or three more pop up.

And now it's spreading to the "just regular folks" web. Just visit Chemical Love or Forbidden Market, and you're on your way. The former site is German language, but browser translators can deal with that; the latter appears to be out of Russia. They offer a limited selection of illegal and prescription drugs, including cocaine, meth, MDMA, ketamine, Valium and more. And the prices are competitive. Forbidden Market sells tabs of XTC Red Superman MDMA for $5, or 100 for $355, while Chemical Love offers a gram of Reinheit Grade A crystal meth (93-96% pure) for about $100.

Of course, you can't just whip out your credit card or PayPal account on these sites; you will need to have some Bitcoins. Read about how to get them here. Or if you follow a Forbidden Market link, you can get them Localbitcoins.comLike other entrepreneurs, regular web drug site operators are all about making it easy for customers to do business. In an encrypted, online chat interview with Motherboard, Forbidden Market administrator "Dr. Evil" provided some insight.

"If you went up to a random person on the street that liked drugs, and asked them to buy from Silk Road, do you think they would spend the time researching Tor, finding the .onion, then logging in, versus someone just giving them a URL?" he explained. "They put it in their phone, and they're like 'wow, this actually exists,' and there's a link where I can buy Bitcoin in cash locally."

Dr. Evil assures potential customers that although they are still on the "clearweb," they are still protected by proxy servers in a system that is similar to Tor2Web, which allows for accessing hidden sites without Tor.

“The true location of the [market] server is still hidden but clearnet is available,” the admin explained. He swears that Forbidden Market won't log your IP address because the proxy site has "logs turned off."

Are these "clearweb" sites as secure as they think? Only time will tell. In the meantime, they are "putting it out there even more," as Mr. Evil said.

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