Cop Runs Stop Sign, Hits Sober Driver, Dept Covers it Up By Framing the Man For DUI

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New York, NY — On April 19, Oliver Wiggins was driving his Nissan Maxima on Glenwood road when he was suddenly t-boned by an NYPD cop. The officer was driving without his flashing lights and did not have on his siren when he blew through a stop sign and plowed into Wiggins.

In typical police fashion, the officer, instead of apologizing and admitting he made a mistake, treated Wiggins as if it were his fault. The officer accused Wiggins of being drunk. He was then arrested and charged with DUI.

Wiggins, knowing full well that he wasn’t drinking, submitted to a blood test. The results showed his blood alcohol content to be zero. The test also showed that there were no traces of drugs in his system either.

Wiggins has since hired an attorney who is requesting an investigation into the incident.

“We believe this arrest was improper and solely motivated to cover up the actions of the police officers in failing to yield at a stop sign,” said lawyer Scott Rynecki.

Despite the negative blood tests, the charges were not dropped until last week.

“I think the whole thing was insane,” Wiggins told the Daily News. “They ran a stop sign and I think they were trying to hide that they caused the accident.”

“I have never been in handcuffs in my life,” Wiggins said. “I’ve lost my trust in police. It’s scary they can frame an innocent person.”

When police filled out the accident report, they lied and said that there wasn’t a stop sign at that intersection. However, there clearly is. When the NY Daily news asked the NYPD to acknowledge there was a stop sign at Glenwood and 43rd, they said yes, “as of today.

According to the criminal complaint, an officer noted that Wiggins had red watery eyes, slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. However, this was in stark contrast with another police report that stated Wiggins “does not have an odor of alcoholic beverage on him,” according to the Daily News.

This incident shows a conspiracy by the NYPD to frame an innocent man to cover up the negligence of one of their own. The blatant corruption is shocking.

Also, if you’re thinking that this is an isolated incident, think again.

Last year, Deputy Joseph Quiles was seen on a traffic camera running a stop sign and ramming into the car of Tanya Weyker. Quiles arrested Weyker and charged her with DUI. For five months, police did not release the results of her blood test which were given because she was too severely injured to blow into a breathalyzer.

When her results were finally released, they were completely negative for both drugs and alcohol. Weyker is now permanently disabled.

As for Quiles, well, he has filed for permanent duty disability for injuries he suffered in the crash that he caused.

All of this is happening, despite the fact that reports written at the time of the crash indicate Deputy Quiles suffered only minor injuries and was “treated and released” at Froedtert Hospital.

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