How Does George W. Bush Sleep At Night?

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This post, written by Cenk Uygur, originally appeared on The Huffington Post

Iraq has become a case study in anarchy. I don't know how George Bush sleeps at night. You'd have to be a monster to rest easy, knowing what he's done. I'm not sure one man's sloth has ever caused so much harm. My God man, if you didn't want to be president, why did you apply for the job?

What a hideous combination of conceits Bush has. He has the ego that drives him to want to be the top man. He has the arrogance to think that he his qualified. But he has the laziness that makes him not want to actually do the job. He has the insecurity that makes him want to cover up his faults. He has the smallness of character that will not concede his weaknesses and seek out help. He has the hubris to think that he could cover up all this, run the world into the ground and think that people won't notice. How has the world fallen into the grasp of this tiny, tiny man?

George W. Bush is the perfect storm of character flaws. Not only does he bring all of these horrible traits together at once, but he does at the worst possible time in the worst possible position. The president of the United States of America has to be the most competent person on earth. And somehow the exact opposite has snuck in to that role.

For the love of all that is holy and important, let us please pick the most competent person next time for this position. I don't want to have a beer with our next president. I want him or her to be intellectually superior to me. They should be the best among us, not appeal to the worst in us. They have to be smart, hard working, full of character and perhaps, above all, be someone that cares about the job.

As much as Lyndon Johnson screwed up Vietnam, at least he had the dignity to care. Look at what has happened to Iraq. Look at this picture, for the love of God, look at this picture, what have we done?

Iraqi girl

Little girls with shrapnel in their faces, charred bodies at every crossroad, mass graves at universities, bullet riddled, tortured bodies in the street. The country has been ripped apart at the seams. I've never seen such ugliness before in my life. And we are sheltered from it here. Could you imagine if we saw the actual carnage every day and every night?

We couldn't live with ourselves. What we did to Iraq is inexcusable. Yet there is one simple, blithe man up top who gaily walks about as if he doesn't have a care in the world. If George Bush can sleep at night, he really must be a monster.

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