The Congressional Black Caucus is Dead

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Yeah, I said it. I sat on my anger for days, and with Bennie Thompson referring to liberals as it if was a dirty word, not to mention spouting off ReThug Talking points, I find I can no longer be silent about this travesty.

For the last few years, many of us political activists have gone out of our way to make sure the Congressional Black Caucus remained relevant in the theory of political discourse. And what do we have to show for it?

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What we have to show for it is the following:

At least 25% - 40% of the members voting more Corporate, even though they represent districts that have been hard hit by corporations (trade agreements, telecom, Big Pharma, you name it)

More DLC/Blue Dog Influence (and many DLC members wouldn't allow these guys to tote water for them, much less collaborate on anything)

Voting for the Bankruptcy Bill, Voting Against Net Neutrality, Taking Bribes (and cheap ones, too)

Becoming as anti-immigrant and homophobic as their rednecked bretheren (and they should know better.

Collaboration with Fox News Corp. - attempting to give that network a legitimacy it never deserved, while Fox continues the MO of treating African-Americans with high contempt and that contempt extends to the few House Negroes working for them (Amy Holmes, I'm talking about you and Angela McGowan).

The latter was the straw that broke the camel's back. That, and Bennie Thompson spewing ReThug talking points by blaming the backlash on "liberal activists" complainaing.

Guess what? We're not shutting up; if anything, you've just energized us to come back at you, and come back hard:

You'd better ask your boy, Bobby Rush about trying to take on angry Black folk who want him to do some 'splainin' on that Telecom bill when he got nailed with this:

I know of what I speak. I've spent the last four years studying the anomaly formerly known as the Congressional Black Caucus. Consider the following from a blogger pal of mine, Greg, over at JackandJill politics: http://www.jackandjillpolitics.blogs...
In the view of many, mine included, the Black Community consist of people with diverse viewpoints and interest, but it is also true that many in the Black community understand that we still have an common interest in maintaining , and expanding to those still left out of,the political and economic gains of the past 40 years. Moreover, the Black Community common interest still has as goals : solidifying our position in new arenas we now find ourselves, and breaking down the barriers to arenas we are still excluded from. The CBC was founded in recognition of and to further these goals.
If one analyzes the struggle for Blacks to attain parity in this society, there is no doubt that, since 1964 and to this very day, the GOP has opposed those goals in action if not in principle. Moreover, it is a matter of fact and beyond dispute, that Fox News Network is one of the GOP's most pronounced and effective tools in actively opposing the goals many in the Black Community are unified on. That said, the CBC needs to explain it self: Why is the CBC cooperating with Fox News on any level?

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