Astromat # 55

Horoscopes for June 26-July 2, 2003

Aries -- You're on fire with desire this week as powerful vibrations from Pluto consume your planetary ruler, Mars, increasing sexual levels and your ability to change. Numerous activities are indicated behind the scenes in bedrooms, hospitals and places of retreat. Personal transformation may take place through spirituality, higher education, distant travel or your dreams. Look for creative projects, benefits from parents or bosses and dates with older partners and the signs Leo or Capricorn close to June 27. July 2 shows numerous communications, decisions about your home and visits from neighbors or siblings. The signs Gemini and Virgo may apply.

Taurus -- Cosmic conditions continue to improve as your planetary ruler, Venus, moves harmoniously through the sign of Gemini and your 2nd house. Financial matters are still on your mind along with telephone bills, letters, the Internet and money spent on car repairs or travel plans. This is a good time to discuss your budget, major purchases and for making money through writing and the use of your hands. A romantic phone call and good news from the sign Leo are shown for June 29. Good financial decisions can also be made at this time. The signs Gemini and Virgo could play a part.

Gemini -- Celestial situations remain favorable as your planetary ruler, Mercury, moves through your own sign. Love and romance is in the air for June 29 involving the signs Leo, Taurus and Libra along with creative activities, financial abundance and positive associations with children. Sudden raises, easy job changes and benefits from bosses, fathers and the sign Aquarius are shown for June 30 while sound financial decisions can be made on July 1, especially involving parents, kitchens and houses. An Aries or Scorpio could be instrumental with your career and money situation on July 2. Benefits from men are also shown.

Cancer -- Your natural domestic qualities are surfacing. With the Moon in Gemini and your 12th house, your desire to stay home or at least away from public places will be dominant. Most difficulties are shown on June 28 concerning subconscious fears, job struggles, ignored intuitions or power issues with and the signs Scorpio or Aries. Cosmic circumstances greatly improve with the new Moon in your own sign on June 29. If you need to transform your life in any way, now is the time. Fresh starts, increased discipline and the solidification of past changes are all possible. Your intuition is sharp, so don't be swayed from what you know is true.

Leo -- You've been feeling more emotional lately. As the Sun moves through the sign of Cancer and your 12th house, you may feel the need to stay close to home and away from the public eye. Increases in intuition, symbolic dreams and psychic connections with you mother are likely at this time. Higher energy levels are indicated around June 27 along with inner transformations and a stronger libido. Sexual episodes are also quite possible at this time, especially if you are dealing with the signs Aries or Scorpio. Visits to the hospital and behind the scenes career activities are shown for June 29. Good fortune and major changes are shown for those born on August 12.

Virgo -- You've been focusing on your career and parental situation for quite some time, but love affairs and social situations with the signs Leo, Taurus and Libra will soon come into play. Circumstances change considerably when your planetary ruler, Mercury, moves into the sign of Cancer and your 11th house late on June 29. New friends and business partnerships with the sign Aquarius are indicated around June 30 while current love affairs become more exciting. Relationships from the past may resurface close to July 1 or maybe a friend or the sign Capricorn will be in need at this time. Increased energy levels and possible secret activities are forecasted for July 2. The signs Aries and Scorpio could be involved.

Libra -- You're inching away from recent difficulties and moving towards your intellectual peak. Your planetary ruler Venus, is moving harmoniously through the sign of Gemini and your 9th house allowing effortless communication, increased learning capacity and interests in spiritual matters. Romantic opportunities within your career are possible around June 29 along with benefits from children, your boss and the sign Leo. Creative writing, long distance phone calls, and traveling with family and friends are also featured at this time. You will soon be in the spotlight.

Scorpio -- The time is now, so don't hesitate! You've got the energy and drive that you need to get things done with energies from Mars on your side. Cosmic conditions reach their peak on June 30 when vibrations from Jupiter positively influence your planetary ruler, Pluto. Long journeys, higher forms of education, and an increased interest in spirituality are featured along with financial expansion and benefits from foreign people and the signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Visualization can also be a powerful tool at this time, so expect only the best.

Sagittarius -- Your recent lack of clarity is fading as your planetary rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, finally move away from a difficult placement. Self-deception, escapist behaviors, communications and transportation challenges are turning into idealistic decisions, humanitarian causes and spiritual enlightenment. Strong vibrations from the planet Pluto should instigate significant changes in your life surrounding your education, religious beliefs and physical appearance, especially if you were born around December 11. The signs Scorpio and Aries could play a part.

Capricorn -- You are well into your new life and situations are only getting better with your planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus, moving into a harmonious alignment. Sudden decisions are possible along with feelings of independence and desires for spontaneity. A friend or the sign Aquarius could become a lover in secret, but the relationship may not be lasting. Current unions are being tested, especially over whether to be romantically involved or just friends. However, social situations and love affairs with the signs Leo or Taurus are favored around June 29. Writing, communications and business decisions are well made on June 1. Siblings and the signs Virgo and Gemini may be involved.

Aquarius -- You're in good shape this week as your planetary rulers, Uranus and Saturn, move into an extremely harmonious formation. You may be soon returning to an old job, starting your own business or just receiving benefits from your boss, father or the sign Capricorn. Your financial situation could also stabilize at this time. Romantic affairs, creative endeavors and social outings are favored around June 29, especially with the signs Leo and Libra. Important communications and logical decisions are shown for June 30, especially when your money, job, health or pets are concerned. The signs Gemini and Virgo may apply. A blessing may be in disguise.

Pisces -- Cosmic situations are going from good to better as your planetary rulers, Neptune and Jupiter, move into an increasingly favorable configuration. Difficulties while traveling and problems with universities, churches and foreign people will be fading to be replaced with general good fortune and benefits from the sign Sagittarius. Circumstances intensify with Pluto firmly in the picture. Job promotions and career changes are probable along with dietary alterations and physical healing. Possible psychic links with your father, boss and pet are also featured. The signs Scorpio and Aries could be involved.

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