Rockie Horoscope 27

If you know your ascendant, read it too. GENERAL FORECAST: The potential is enormous, opportunity knocks loud and clear; all you have to do is find out in which area of your chart -- e.g., real estate, spiritual growth, health, offspring -- the Mars-Jupiter conjunction at 10 degrees of Taurus will land. Be it an Eagle or the Enterprise, this adventurous combination could launch you on an entirely new two-year trip. The enthusiasm generated can be overwhelming, well, distracting, so try to stay focused on typical Taurean goals: values, assets, satisfation, and basic earthly pleasures. Venus, ruler of Taurus, enters Aries on the 6th; Mercury, loping along at a decent pace at last, gets there on the 12th. In between we'll have more mobility -- provided you gassed up before the big GAS OUT this weekend -- thanks to a Gemini moon and a growing curiosity about things that are unusual or untried. Mail in tax returns after 2:14 p.m. Thursday, the 13th, or all day Saturday, the 15th, while the moon is void, of course.ARIES (March 20-April 19)Don't let the forward thrust of the current Mars-Jupiter conjunction pass you by. Use the enormous energy to lift yourself a level (go back to school, start a community garden, be well and prosper), because this planetary merger only happens once every two years, and it rarely occurs in your Taurus money house; the last time was March 1989. Venus in your sign makes you more attractive, and once Mercury moves in on the 12th, you'll become more expressive, as well. This is a good time for Rams who need a bit of subtle allure, plus a unique idea to expound on.TAURUS(April 20-May 20)Those Bulls born at the end of April may be smack in the middle of their "moment," taking a time out to catch up with all that's been happening. The tremendous impetus of the enterprising, energizing Mars-Jupiter conjunction occuring right on your Taurus sun can propel you to places the est of us have never been. Artists might be in conflict simply because your Venus ruler is being bathed by ethereal Neptunian vibesat the same time that your core being is positioned for material success on an order you have yet to experience. Such problems!GEMINI (May 21-June 20)An airy Gemini moon this weekend is, in a funny way, grounding. Although your Mercury ruler is changing signs on the 12th, you won't stall out switching gears between one thought pattern and another. If it's possible for the concepts of security and adventure to co-exist --and while Mars and Jupiter conjunct in resourceful Taurus, it is -- then the Twins talent of having contradictory impulses and two thoughts at once should really pay off. However, in typically Gemini logic, the pay-off is not about money; that's incidental.CANCER(June 21-July 22)For the next three weeks, while Venus passes through your me-first Aries midheaven, artists and women can have a greater impact on your career, so be nice to the talent, no matter how aggressively they come across. A partner with a spiritual bent or similar artistic leanings could soften the situation somewhat, but you should keep the idea of achieving a "radical breakthrough" uppermost in your mind if you're to succeed on your own terms. Promoting a well-endowed boy's-only project, something along the lines of Teddy Roosevelt, might work, too.LEO (July 23-August 22)"The quirkier, the better. Untried, but true, nonetheless. No strings on this heart." Keep these mantras in mind so that you can maximize the benefits of your sun ruler's alliance with intuitive Uranus this weekend. Add an attractive partner with artistic longings and you're good to go until next weekend. That's when the momentum generated by the "gung-ho" planets in your career midheaven hits a road block, when macho Mars and paternal Saturn gang up on Lions born on August 8. The rest are free to run wild.VIRGO (August 23-September 22)I'm not saying you shouldn't make an effort to stay involved, but the less you stir the pot, the more luxurious the banquet served up by your Taurus garden of plenty will be. Besides, your Mercury ruler is adrift in Pisces, your often imponderable complement, until the 12th, so only your guru knows for sure what is going through your mind, and she says, "Let it be." However, the minute the opportunity to jump on the gravy train appears, make the leap. Even if it moves in fits and starts, riding that train is a good thing for Virgos to do.LIBRA (September 23-October 22)Erect an altar, plant lavender and other lovely herbs, play music that soothes your soul. All things Neptunian are relating to home and family, including the mother who sees spirits and the father who drinks them, benefits you. This is no scam, although when Neptune and your Venus ruler align, one may smell a rat drenched in perfume or find evidence of fraud at the art auction. Venus in your Aries sign of significant others is a warning that you are attracting, and are attracted to, artists of all kinds. SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)Health, wealth and a relationship that offers more of this and a lot more of that. Sounds to me like you're acquiring a loyal companion to help lower your stress level, a dog or a horse to insure that you get your exercise. Because Mars and Jupiter are opposing your Scorpio planets, the stakes got higher; give more to get more in return. Me, I'd get a lawyer (Jupiter) and a trainer (Mars) and call it a day. You'll need extra muscle next weekend when your macho Mars co-ruler brushes against strict Saturn, then you're okay for a while.SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)Pretty things to buy, pretty people, mostly women, to please during the work week, but until then, feel free to run around town, play high-risk games and take your chances with a rough-and-tumble crowd. As athletic Mars meets your sporty Jupiter ruler, Centaurs become more daring, dare I suggest, even reckless in their pursuit of pleasure. Of course, you can get hurt, especially if you were born in November, but a little S&M never killed a Sag, particularly the one with the riding crop.CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)Like your earthy Virgo compatriots, Capricorns won't be harmed by the frenetic Taurean activity this weekend. The worst that can happen, as if, would be an excess of enthusiasm or downright laziness. There could be conflict mid-month, a "which way to go?" decision that has to be made when ballsy Mars meets your cautious Saturn ruler, but you instinctively know when to accelerate, when to put on the brakes and survey the scene. That's why Goats rarely falter in their ascent to the heights or, for that matter, descent back to basics.AQUARIUS (January 21-February 18)It's your innate Aquarian qualities, the "I gotta be me" refrain that shines bright and clear when the sun sextiles your Uranus ruler this weekend. Let the hair down and the social conventions fall where they may; you can write your own rules and plant them firmly in the e-economy in the next few weeks. Of course, there'll be tension, excitement, anxiety, perhaps more optimism than the project warrants, but rest assured that someone -- Big Daddy, a.k.a., Saturn on your nadir -- will try to burst that bubble. PISCES (February 19-March 19)I've said it once (maybe not to you) and I'll say it again: while the planets converge in Taurus, many Fish will acquire financial success and soul satisfaction; assets they will be proud to call their own. Others will be encouraged to spout their brand of wisdom and learning, to travel to the garden spots of the world and sprout seeds that are pure in heart and unadulterated, like a perfect Pisces should be. Until then, partake of the artistic and sensory delights that pleasure-loving Venus entices your Neptune ruler with this week, or wait until Memorial Day delights.Curious about the future? Order a personalized Transit Forecast (30 to 40+ pages) detailing the major themes and issues that will arise over the next 12 months. Send name, date, time and place of birth, plus a check or money order for $40 per report to ROCKIE GARDINER, 1021 N. Genesee Ave., #1, West Hollywood, CA 90046.

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