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Why 2013 Is Going to Be Awful

Here's to a year of austerity, dysfunction, lousy Obama negotiations -- and no "Louie."

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The next presidential campaign already started. Mitt Romney spent much of 2009  laying the groundwork for this 2012 run, culminating, in early 2010, with his nationwide publicity tour in support of his book, “No Apology.” Anyone who wants to be elected president in 2016 knows they have to start working now, cultivating important allies and preparing to beg rich people for money. Pundits are going to spend the year handicapping and speculating. Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio will be everywhere. Andrew Cuomo is going to spend the year seeking national press attention while pretending he’s not seeking national press attention. There is no escape.

TV Will Suck

“30 Rock” is ending, “Community” is going to be depressing and then get canceled, no “Louie” until 2014, they canceled the submarine show, the next season of “Game of Thrones” is only going to cover half the third book and then it’s off the air for another year, for some reason “The Killing” is actually coming back, “Homeland” is going to be completely nuts next year, millions of people will keep watching “The Walking Dead” even though it’s so dumb and their doing so encourages all of AMC’s worst programming instincts, and “Arrested Development” will totally be disappointing. Sorry.


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