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New Site Satirizes Anti-Legalization Group Project SAM

Before drug warriors could claim their own web domain, legalization advocates jumped to make a parody.

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However, I also host a daily marijuana talk radio show, and every day, I have to read the headlines in our news segment. As much as delights me as a satirical work, it is really for  Rachel HoffmanRichard FlorJonathan Magbie, Kathryn Johnstonmost of these dogs and many more people who are dead because adults must be punished for trying to grow and use a relaxing non-toxic medicinal herb with a low risk of abuse, dependence and side effects.

It is for the nine out of 10 people with real substance abuse problems who want to voluntarily enter rehab but can’t find a bed who’ll be displaced for functional, responsible marijuana users involuntarily sentenced to rehab.

It is for the mothers in Mexico who weep for their slaughtered sons because we keep letting violent cartels run our marijuana markets.

It is for patients in 32 states who have no hope of legally using medical marijuana and providers in 18 states who are sentenced by federal courts to prison and can’t say they were following state law.

It is for the kids who, year after year, tell us marijuana’s much easier to buy than alcohol because their high school weed dealer doesn’t check ID and there is no high school tequila dealer.

Finally, it is for Jack Herer… because this is the loudest, best way I know how to shout  THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES!

Russ Belville is the host and producer of "The Russ Belville Show" at
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