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A Girl Reads the New York Times: Why Are All the Front-Page Articles By Men?

The paper of record can't find any women reporters?

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The management of the  Times, as detailed on the masthead, might as well be from the era when Pauline Phillips morphed into Dear Abby so that she could give up mah-jongg. Jill Abramson’s name (thankfully) sits almost anachronistically atop the names of three male managing editors and one male deputy managing editor. The balance gets better going down the masthead, but the corporate officer list is truly prehistoric, featuring a list of eight men with fancy titles, followed by two women, one of whom gets to be the secretary, the other the treasurer – yes, I know that means they’re officers, and that these are ostensibly positions of esteem, but all the boys get words like “senior” and “chief” with their names, and the girls get ambiguous titles that somehow imply they’re doing the heavy lifting but will never be senior or chief anything.

I run a small media organization – a book publishing house. We have a staff of 23, including eight men and 15 women. Our management team includes three women and one man (can someone please bring me some binders full of men?).  For the past 20 years The New Press has run an internship program that has launched over 500 young people, mostly of color, into careers in the media and non-profit spheres, and we think every day about what we can do to bring different, underrepresented voices into the public conversation. Diversity can be accomplished, but probably not by three guys named Mike.

Diane Wachtell is the executive director of The New Press, an independent book publisher in the public interest.

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