Gay-Hating Duggars Have a Lesbian in Their Family—And She Thinks They’re Crazy

Michelle Duggar's sister reportedly doesn't approve of the QuiverFull cult. confirmed yesterday that the notoriously homophobic Michelle Duggar’s older sister, Evelyn Ruark, is a lesbian.

Ruark has been in a committed relationship with Sharon Callahan for a number of years, and neither she nor her partner fully approve of the Duggar family’s ties to the “QuiverFull” procreation cult.

In 2010, Sharon Callahan spoke to the National Enquirer, saying that she and her “significant other” were “worried about [the Duggar family]. We have often thought that QuiverFull is a cult. It appears to be brainwashing to me.”

Evelyn Ruark appeared in an early episode of TLC’s 19 Kids And Counting, but did so without Callahan, and no mention of her sexuality was made.

Earlier this month, Ruark’s nephew Josh Duggar, a policy director at the Family Research Council, claimed he and his family were fighting a Fayetteville, Arkansas nondiscrimination law intended to protect the LGBT community in order to save gays and lesbians from the “sad, lonely lifestyle.”

“It just seemed to me that one of the cruelest jokes the devil has ever played is to have that lifestyle described as ‘gay,’” he said.

“We still love everyone as Christ commands, we still have compassion, we still have those kinds of feelings, but we also have our convictions,” Duggar added. “We have our beliefs.”

In a 2013 radio interview, Josh Duggar acknowledged that Ruark was, in fact, a lesbian, but insisted she still opposed gay marriage anyway. “I have an aunt who has chosen to live that life and I love my aunt. I think she is an amazing person,” he said, but “she believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.”

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