'Debased, Degraded and Treated Subhuman': Trump Family Biographer Explains What Happens When Women Challenge the President

Emily Jane Fox has published a book on the Trump family children.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

Trump family biographer Emily Jane Fox reacted to President Donald Trump's insults toward Stormy Daniels on Tuesday by pointing out the deeply misogynistic patterns of behavior he has displayed — including in the White House.

President Trump went on the attack against Daniels, who alleges she had an extra-marital affiar with Trump in 2006, Tuesday morning after he defeated her defamation allegations in court. He called her "horseface" and a "con job" — to which she fired back by saying he's interested in bestiality and implying that he has a small penis.

Fox noted that Trump's extreme reaction to Daniels shows the warped double standard he holds the women to in his life.

"Women, often, in the White House who do not challenge him are treated better than the men in the White House," she said. "You see that with Ivanka Trump, you saw that with Hope Hicks, you saw that last week when Nikki Haley stepped down from her job. No one got the treatment when they stepped down from the job. You saw that with Dina Powell who likely would have been welcomed back with open arms."

She continued: "But women who challenge him are debased, degraded and treated subhuman. They're compared to animals all the time. It's just — this is the language that comes out of our White House? I know that we shouldn't be surprised. This happens time and time again. Not just with women, with men, too. This is how he talks about everybody. But it's just striking — at this very critical moment where a journalist has likely been murdered by someone, a royal family, who he has embraced and his son-in-law has very personally embraced — that this is what he's spending his time doing?"

What the clip below:

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