Jeremy Sherman

Why the sociopaths are winning and the obvious thing we’re not doing about it

The culture war is not fundamentally between left and right, liberal and conservative, progressive and reactionary, tolerant and intolerant.

Fundamentally it has nothing to do with ideals, values or visions of the future. It’s a fight between decent people and sociopaths.

Psychopaths are congenitally shameless. Born, that way, they are neurologically deaf to the inner nag of empathy.

Sociopaths aren’t born but made. Some are brainwashed but many are not. Many are motivated sociopaths because being one is tempting, satisfying, efficient and effective.

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Sociopaths learn how to be shameless. We underestimate the appeal of shamelessness. Shame constrains us. Shamelessness is a liberation. If you learn to be absolutely shameless – even shameless about your shamelessness, you grant yourself the ultimate dream come true, a reliable feeling of perfect freedom and perfect invincibility, as though you can do anything and whatever you do beats all. Sociopathy is like being granted a wildcard/Trumpcard.

Learning to be absolutely shameless is easy. It takes no study and very little practice before you get the hang of it. Whatever path you’re on has easy detours down to the haven of motivated sociopathy.

There are many ways to learn it. They all boil down to learning to blurt words as if you really mean them, without you thinking about their meaning at all.

What words? Any words that declare you the winner. No matter what you do, you can always find words to blurt that will do the trick and if you don’t care which words you use, but use them with intense conviction, the trick will work – so long as other people misinterpret you as meaning your words


Once you’re getting away with it, it’s smooth sailing. Even if people say “shame on you!” you can just blurt more shameless words that make you feel like a winner.

Once it’s smooth sailing your conscience just atrophies. You don’t need it anymore and it only gets in your way. Eventually you become a proud, deaf shameless sociopath blurting whatever makes you feel invincible no matter what you do.

People become proud motivated sociopaths by many routes. Some just get fed up, say “Aw, hell no! I’m tired of being pushed around” and start blurting cliches they get from popular culture. For example, they can say “just deal with it” to people who are already dealing with it by challenging them. And weirdly the people back down. If they grab a cliché that works, they’ll use it more.

Some people fall into a patch of such cliches all clustered around some brand-name ideology which enables them to make a crusade out of proudly, shamelessly insisting that they’re the winners. It could be any brand, left, right, spiritual, religious, philosophical, whatever.

As a cluster, the words are hypocritical ways to play god or a god or demagog’s humble servant lording it over everyone.

Omnipotence: “I’m heroic because I’m winning/I’m heroic because I’m losing.”

Omniscience: “I know everything/I don’t know about that, so it’s irrelevant.”

Omnificent: “Shame on you for not living up to my moral standards/Moral standards are for losers”

Motivated sociopaths take shameless pride in their hypocrisy. Still, they’re consistent about one thing: “I never contradict myself and no matter what happens, it proves I’m right, righteous and heroic.”

Sociopath simply means “socially-sick” – pretty vague. There are vulgar names for them too, also vague. I call them Trumpbots – lowercase “t” not after the Donald though he fits the description perfectly as would a leftist parroting the same cliches.

The word “trump” means both fake as in “trumped up” and “beats all.” A Trumpbot robotically plays fake trump cards. Again, it’s a tempting lifestyle that one can fall into from any angle, left, right, center, religious, spiritual, philosophical. One can become a Trumpbot for anything or nothing. Once one falls into this tempting lifestyle there would be no reason to leave so long as one can get away with it.

So how can we keep them from getting away with it? How can we make motivated sociopathy costly? How can we honorably shame the absolutely shameless? How can we humbly humble people who will say anything to avoid humility?

The answer is simple and obvious and yet consistently overlooked in our culture wars: Expose and flout their Trumpbot formula; taunt and flaunt the alternative.

Expose and flout their trumpbot formula:

Flout: Care about their words as much as they do: Not at all. You’ve been taught to listen, value and be open to everyone’s ideas. That’s wrong. Do that with decent people but with trumpbots it’s as enabling as listening to a psychopath.

Expose: If you have to deal with a trumpbot, simply declare over and over that they’ll say and do anything to pretend they’re right and righteous. You know what they’ll do in response? They’ll confirm your diagnosis. They’re one trick phonies. They’ve got nothing else. When they trumpbot at you in response, say “there he goes again.” Again and again. They’ll give up and declare themselves the winners but you will have cost them, especially if you do it in front of others.

Taunt and flaunt the alternative:

Taunt: What’s the alternative to being a trumpbot? Being human, trying to guess what best to do. Experiencing ambivalence and being brave enough to show it. Trumpbots want you cornered, wincing at your moral failings. Trying to prove your morality to them is deadly. They don’t care about morality. They’ll shame you for immorality and then laugh at you for caring about morality. So be yourself. Stand your ground without trying to prove it. Your power lies in taunting them with brave honest humanness while they’re robotically playing God.

Flaunt: If they accuse of you of violating some moral code (that they don’t care about) don’t deny it. For example, if they shame you for shaming, say “Of course I shame, like everyone, like you just did, trying to shame me for shaming. I try to shame where it’s deserved whereas you pretend you don’t shame while shaming.”

It is our civic duty to make motivated sociopathy costly. The ideas in this article are from my new book on the subject.

Here's how to behead the GOP hydra

We must cut off all of this hypocritical hydra's heads all at once – the prudish-pope heads, the petulant-brat heads, the smarter-than-science heads, the ignorance-is-smart heads, the crowing heads, the whiny heads, the pedantic heads that scorn us for our immorality and the cynical heads that cackle at us for caring about morality. All of them.

They can all be chopped at once only if we focus doggedly on this: The hydra that is the GQP doesn't care what words mean. It'll ape any sound to look heroic always, moment-to-moment.

It's theatrics. Method acting. More like animal braying than human saying. The hydra just parrots the sounds of someone who cares.

Their method acting is easy. They get themselves all frothed up at anyone in their way. Frothed up, they feel like saints which ignites more outrage at the sinners which makes them feel still more like saints. It's the paradox of holy war crusading: No deed too dirty for saints like them.

It's a vicious-virtue cycle: They get vicious which makes them feel virtuous. Feeling virtuous they get still more vicious. Kickstart the righteous indignation and it takes on a life of its own. Word meanings melt away.

They're the heroic patriot, saint, renegade, Christian, conservative – whatever so long as it sounds flattering. Anyone in their way is a traitor, sinner, boring, heathen, socialist, communist, whatever so long as it sounds damning. The formula is robotic. It works if we let them get away with it, which we do.

Humans assume words have meanings. The hydra drops that limitation and plays God, eternally right, righteous, mighty, and consistent. To the craving and craven, the method acting gives a false but convincing impression of an uninterrupted winning streak.

Their hypocrisy is a side-effect of not caring what words mean. Call them on their hypocrisy and they'll simply demand respect for their "integrity," another word that sounds heroic, another word whose meaning doesn't matter to them. They're literally de-meaning. They strip the meaning off of words to demean all rivals and elevate themselves.

We enable the hydra every time we say "they believe that…" Beliefs are irrelevant to their meaning-stripped words, words not just weaponized but stripped of all reference. It's how the hydra became post-truth: By not caring about what words mean.

The more we care about words mean and about the causes we champion, the better they do. According to Carl Woodward, Lindsay Graham told Trump, "If it weren't for the Democratic Party, the Republican Party would fold. They always keep us in the game. They're able to throw us a lifeline. So this defund the police, occupation of Seattle and this crazy shit is going to put you back in the game."

The hydra couldn't get away with it before. Now it can. It has dizzied the Democrats and the media, got it running around in circles trying to play catch-up with their words as if they meant them, trying to chop off one head at a time with civilized, reasoned, counter-argument.

For example, the GQP scores direct hits by accusing their opponents of being far left, radical, socialist and communists. But how often does anyone ask them for a definition of those terms? Never. We let them use the terms as though they mean them, when they couldn't define them if they tried. Every time we refute their words as if they mean them we enable them. Every time we let their words hang in the air, we enable them.

It's a win for them every time they trick us into thinking about what words mean when they're not thinking about meanings at all. That's their whole long game and if we would just stop playing along, we would decapitate the hydra.

Robotically Playing God Is Much Easier Than Being

Trump's debate performance showcased the only thing his cult cares about

The kid is in his room playing video games. Mom calls to him that it's time to do chores and homework.

The kid's head is in the game, a first person shooter. He's in a tank mowing down everyone in his path. There's some heroic theme to the game but the details don't matter. All he knows is he's on the side of everything right, righteous and mighty. It's his call of duty, and now his mom is saying duty calls. Fuck that!

Still playing, he brays at his mom through his bedroom door, spouting whatever to get her to back off. He pouts, moans, whines, bleats, blasts, snarls, barks, scolds, preaches, condemns, threatens — to him it's all just noises to keep his pathway clear, the airhorn of intransigence.

He brays it all with theatric earnestness to give the impression that his substantive arguments trump all other considerations. All the braying means is, "Reality can go fuck itself and so can you because I'm not budging."

His mom is trying to teach conscientiousness by example. The kid's fake earnestness tugs at her which plays right to the kid's advantage. As she poses counter-arguments as though he's doing more than braying, the kid gets to keep on playing.

Lying is knowing you're not telling the truth. Bullshitting is not caring what's true. The kid doesn't care what's true. He's bullshitting to bulldoze through anything that thwarts him – bullshitdozing. And it's working because his mother is lulled to sleep, dozed off on the bullshit.

Bullshitdozing is all there has ever been to the Trump cult. The reasons why reality owes the Trump cult total accommodation are as irrelevant as whatever arguments the brat brays.

This alone, explains the incoherence and hypocrisy. It's not calculated but cacophony. You wouldn't expect a goat to bray coherently. It's all just animal grunting and territorial pissing, the anthem rock of "You change. We won't."

Sure, it's shifty but in the service of pure shiftlessness, and we've spent four years trying to reason with it like the mom trying to reason with a master bullshitdozer plowing through everything in his path. He's the indomitable snowjob showman, and it has gotten him this far.

Now for a moment, please set aside your disdain, disgust and hand-wringing about that kid and admit to this:

Like all of us, you'd prefer that reality accommodate you rather than you having to accommodate reality. You've got your groove and you don't want to be thwarted, stalled, waylayed. You'd rather that other car lets you through first. You'd rather be proven right than have to rethink things. You'd rather reality conform to your habits so you can avoid the hassle of conforming to reality. It's just easier.

There was at least a bit of that impetuous impulsive petulance in you growing up and there's no reason to assume it just disappears. We're not all egomaniacs or narcissists, but we do like to get our way by getting things out of our way. We all have a craving for intransigence. We'd rather others budge so we don't have to.

With some people, that craving gets so strong and the excuses get so self-convincing that they just go all-in on intransigence. I suspect that's all that the Trump movement ever was and understandably so.

Reality always pinches. It's been pinching more lately. Trump just presents unflinching indominitability, "We shall not be moved" with no higher cause than having to move being less fun than making others move.

Last night's debate was the first moment in four years when Trump was in public as an equal to others.

All he had to do was make sure his appearance of unflappable dominance remained uninterrupted, and it wasn't hard at all. Trump is unmoderatable under current social norms. He bullshitdozes through the norms like the video-game brat.

He didn't blow it; he nailed it. His best strategy is to continue to pose as indomitable, demonstrate the inevitability of his total dominance through increasingly brazen uncloseted fascism and hope to seduce more closeted goons.

The choice couldn't be starker:

Trump's platform is indomitability. If he wins, say goodbye to give and take. You'll be free like a Russian citizen, able to go about your business so long as you never get anywhere near threatening his cult's absolute dominance. His message is crystal clear, "Reality can kiss my ass. I'm not changing for anything or anyone."

Biden's platform is soft, compromising and compromised even by age, but you can count on him to care, try and delegate effectively.

Want the thrill of blind budge-proof bluster? Join Trump's goon squad.

Had enough and don't like where it's going? Vote Biden.

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Here's why Trump is a great gift to America

Assuming he goes down in flames before he causes us to; assuming that what’s left of our democracy ends him before he ends what’s left of our democracy, Trump will have been the best thing that ever happened to America, indeed, among the best for our global survival imperative – figuring out how to spot and thwart the asshole impulse in human nature.

You can’t thwart what you can’t spot. Even with all our experience with the asshole impulse, we’re still lousy at spotting it.

Trump is the absolute best, the greatest, the most tremendous negative role model we could ask for. He is the e-z reader of sleazy leaders, the large print edition, the 1st grader’s Where’s Waldo or word finder puzzle for spotting assholes.

Sure we’ve had other asshole leaders before. But even the worst, the ones who killed the most people and lasted the longest could be mistaken for their ideology. Stalin could be mistaken for a Communist. Hitler for a Nationalist. Assholes wear camouflage. They dress up their tyranny in poser principles.

Trump is different. He’s generic. He has no ideology to distract us. He’s essence of asshole, authoritarian distillate. He’s pure, uncut, unalloyed, unadulterated by any tinge of cover-story ideology. Eau de asshole.

People the world over cry out for room to live their lives the way they want. Even the strictest fundamentalists want their freedom to demand a closed society. Everyone wants to have their way, and to the extent possible, we should let em. Live and let live. Freedom of speech, freedom of association, but of course, not unlimited freedom.

In a free society you don’t get to commandeer other people’s lives. You don’t get to tell people how to live but you still  need to spot and thwart the assholes or it doesn’t remain a free society.

If humanity is to survive, we therefore, need to know how to spot an asshole, an authoritarian who will end free society. It’s no good getting distracted by this or that asshole’s style or platform. We need to be able to spot assholes from any corner no matter how they’re camouflaged. We need to be able to recognize essence of asshole.

It’s hard.

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Ayahuasca, a Peruvian hallucinogen, is on people’s minds these days, in part with Michael Pollan’s best-selling book How to Change Your Mind.1 I’d been meaning to try it and my opportunity came up recently.

I was told to bring to the ritual ceremony a question to ask the “medicine.” Most people bring personal questions but since my life is feeling about as good as can be these days, I didn’t have one.

So instead I brought one related to my work as a psycho-proctologist, probing the nature of total jerk behavior and how to undermine it—in other words, how do you undermine people who will stop at nothing to undermine anyone who disagrees with them?

Such people can show up for any cause or no cause at all, since the cause is just window dressing. I had read Pollan’s book and did not find credible his subtle implication that the medicine exposes us to some absolute truth that it knows, a truth that he suggested was that we can and should become somehow egoless as though ego just gets in the way. I trust that that’s what he took away from his experiences. Half my time goes into work on the origin and nature of living beings, so the idea that one can become selfless doesn’t fly with me. We become selfless at death. In the meantime, even under the influence of the medicine, we are still here.

When I mentioned my critique of Pollan to a friend, she thought I was overly dismissive and began to talk as though she hoped I’d learn my lesson from the medicine. That annoyed me, too.

The ceremony I attended did not imply an ego-liberating message from the medicine or for that matter, any message. It was agnostic about what you might glean from the medicine. I liked that right away.

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Honesty: Expressing your feelings and opinions accurately.
Truth: Accurate representation of reality.

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This Isn't a Culture War - But a Patriotic Defense Against All Cults

If you still think this is just a fight between left and right, you’re not keeping up. It hasn’t been for a long time if it ever was. It’s patriotic Americans defending the country against a cult that has gotten way out of hand in large part because we treated it as just another battle between left and right.

To pretend that it’s left vs. right enables the cult. That’s what it would have us believe. It’s how they keep their cult members enthralled. Every time we fight for leftist causes, it bolsters their sense that their cultish mission is imperative.

This cult, like all cults, is a self-winding movement. No matter how you shake it, it winds itself up. Affirm it and they say “see, that proves that we’re heroes, right about everything.” When you challenge it, they say “see, that proves that we’re victims, right about everything.” The object of a cult – any cult – is to pretend to be right about everything.

Trump ­­– this cult’s current craven, graven-image demigod panders however he can, often with as much lip service to traditional leftist causes as right wing ones. Freedom, liberty, looking out for the downtrodden and small businesses, draining the swamp, healthcare that will “take care of everybody,” local autonomy and even making America great again. He panders with right wing causes too, white supremacy, Evangelicalism, deregulation, non-intervention.

If we’re whipsawed by the cult’s pandering, we miss its point – pandering by whatever means that keep cult followers faithful and hopeful.

A large portion of the cult’s members are otherwise honest decent people who know that Trump is a terrible person. Some believe his pandering; others recognize that it’s just pandering but they admire him for being open about it. They’re prone to mistake honesty about one’s unrealistic opinions for realism, which is like saying someone is realistic because he speaks his mind when declaring that we should all move to the moon because it’s made of green cheese.

Those of us on the left who remain vigilant aren’t taken in by Trump’s pandering but we pay most attention to his hard swing to the right. It would be easy for us to ignore the central point:

This is a cult, a mass sociopathy, otherwise decent Americans failing in their patriotic duty to defend the country from the inside or out against cults of personality. Instead, they have fallen for the cult of personality but not just for Trump’s personality, for the way joining a cult revitalizes their confidence in their own personalities.

They have discovered a way to escape Jeffersonian self-doubt. They play god themselves, crusader’s for their cult. Out of frustration, desperation and/or ignorance, they have escaped into a fantasy that about, politics and morality they are infallible, invincible and unassailable, godlike, on God’s side, on Trump’s side.

For us, this suggests a crucial reframing. This is not so much a culture war as a war against cults in general, a patriotic defense against any cult’s tyranny, a cause all Americans should feel it is their patriotic duty to join.

We are not just leftists resisting the right’s assent. We are patriotic Americans of all persuasions opposed to all pandering cults, focused on this one for now because it’s gained so much ground, but as resistant to any cult should it swell like this.

We would oppose a pandering cult even if it were on our side. If there were a liberal or leftist Donald Trump, his pandering perfectly aligned with our heartfelt values, we would defend against him with as much vigor as we defend against the Trump cult. Opposition to cults is the definition of patriotism in America.

Now really, would we oppose a pandering cult after our own hearts? It’s  a hypothetical assertion. Is it credible? If there were a cult dedicated to preventing further climate crisis and risk of nuclear escalation, would we actually resist it or is that just easy talk?

As leftists we would welcome powerful leadership on our side. Many of us wish we had just that, for example, that more liberal and leftist politicians were able to pierce the news cycle, making headlines with soundbites as sharp as those on relentless cycle from the right.
But would we support a left-pandering cult? Perhaps some of us ­would – those most distressed by left-wing setbacks, those who just aren’t keeping up, and those who are lured into playing left-leaning gods (there are some in every crowd).

But most of us, no. We hear the tinny ping of pandering. We’ve seen it on the left plenty throughout history and even today. Venezuela fell to a left-wing cult leader. Mao and Ortega started as heartfelt leftist revolutionaries but soon became pandering cult leaders, dictators to replace the dictators they overthrew.

The majority of Americans would oppose cults attacking from any direction. The different flavors of pandering are beside the point. The sharpest among us recognize that.

All cults end up in the same place, detached from reality, followers led by the nose, lured in by that heady fantasy that they have achieved godlike political mastery, the lure that they too can enlist for last-word status as infallible, invincible and unassailable with godlike omniscience, omnipotence, and moral purity.

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Don't Be Afraid to Go Low - And 12 Other New Strategies for Dealing with Right-Wing Trolls

The US is rapidly becoming just another Hypocracy, a state ruled by absolute hypocrites – no self-aggrandizing hypocrisy they won’t perpetuate. Hypocrisy tends to corrupt; absolute hypocrisy corrupts absolutely.

We’re way better educated, smarter and more articulate than these absolute hypocrites, so why do they have us on the run?

Because we’re way more conscientious than they are. We fight with our fighting hands tied behind our backs for out-of-touch moral reasons, reasons that did make sense out of civic loyalty but not anymore.

We try to stay receptive and therefore responsive to their challenges. We empathize with them and then automatically feel charitable toward them. We operate by self-contradictory moral principles – you shouldn’t be judgmental (which is a judgment), don’t be negative (which is negative) and be intolerant of intolerance (which is intolerant).

When we cut that out, we’ll be able to dance circles around them.

You may think that it’s best not to feed the trolls, but it’s too late for that. We have to feed their flame whatever will dampen them whatever dampens their flame, anything that makes their trolling cost more than it’s worth.

Voting, getting out the vote, building a more strategic opposition, imposing what’s left of our rule of law – all of that is essential. But to succeed at those challenges, we’re going to have to learn to thwart trolls from the top to the bottom of their cult, the media getting sharper at confronting the pundits, and you getting smarter at disappointing the trolls you engage with.

Trolls are one-trick phonies, same as every other cult in world history. Though the “doctrines” change from cult to cult, it’s just costume anyway. They’re know-it-all gloataholics in whatever ideological clothing happens to fit their lifestyle.

Their one trick which excites them as though they invented it rather than rediscovering it, is fake infallibility through unconstrained hypocrisy. It gives them a hard-on to fantasize that without any effort other than learning their simple formula, they can take on and beat all comers.

They can’t. They just think they can because we keep coming at them in predictable, hands-tied ways.

Here’s how to mess with a troll in ways they don’t expect, ways that are perfectly suited to your wits and potential repertoire but that you haven’t let yourself use until now. Now is the time. We have entered an era when it’s moral to be immoral to the goon squads and immoral not to – immoral because if we continue to let them run roughshod America is as good as over or at best destined for the bloody civil war these goons have been arming for.

Though trolling employs a simple formula, there’s no simple formula for thwarting them. It’s mix and match, trial and error. The suggestions below are only suggestions some of many things worth trying.

Still, there is one overarching rule: Don’t try to prove your integrity to someone who shows you none. Limber up. Be inconsistent and don’t fret when these masters of inconsistency call you on it. They’re leeches whose sustenance comes from calling other people on their inconsistencies as though it proves they’ve got integrity.

Oh, and another: Keep your eyes on the prize – thwarting them. Nothing else matters. If you think you can do that by getting your yayas out, venting at them, darting in to give them a piece of your mind and then darting out, you’re wrong. Anything you just blurt and spew at them, they count that as just one more self-titillating “like.” Thwarting requires strategic engagement.

OK, some tips:

Leave your angst, disgust, outrage, fury and moralizing the hell out of it: If you’ve got sensitive skin in the game, you’re doomed. Feel all those things on your own time. Treat troll-baiting the way a surgeon treats surgery, a criminologist treats crime, a military strategist treats strategy, or a mixed-martial artist treats the ring. Your emotions, however justified, are only going to get you tangled up.

Have fun: You’re tooling up, adding to your repertoire behaviors you never had or that went dormant in more civilized times. These are street fighting skills you not only need, but can enjoy. Imagine how much fun you could have learning combat in preparation for war. Not much fun? I get that. This is more fun and a way to keep from having to learn combat in preparation for war.

If you make a bet that you’re dealing with a troll, stick with it: You may, in fact, be wrong about them. Expect some error while trying to minimize it. There’s only one thing worse than disrespecting the respectable. It’s showing respecting those undeserving of your respect. It’s like having trust and faith in a rapist. There’s a serenity prayer in here: Grant me the generosity to engage the receptive, the aggressiveness to thwart the unreceptive, and the wisdom to know the difference. You’ll fail some on both fronts, being generous with the unreceptive and aggressive with the receptive. At this point though, the right is flooded with unreceptive hypocrites. Don’t be giving right-wingers much benefit of the doubt.

Troll-proof your bet:  A troll will pretend you’re off your meds for messing with them. They’ll act shocked and say in so many words, “Hey, you don’t know that I’m troll” Say “You’re right I don’t,” and leave it at that. It’s true. You don’t. It’s your bet and having made it, you’re going to stick with it, no need defend it.

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A Psychologist Explains How to Battle America's Online Epidemic of Right-Wing 'Fake News' - And Avoid Civil War

There are lots of things to try in our pressing mission to tool up quickly to disappoint trolls.

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How to Fight Right-Wing Trolls and Actually Win

The right has become an epidemic of exhibitionists. Right-wing trolls sidle up to people on TV, the internet and in person pretending that they want a reasoned discussion. When they’ve got your attention, they open their trench coats to show off their firm pointy little “truths,” anticipating your reaction. It gets them excited to see you respond in predictable ways. They have themselves a little trollgasm, proving to themselves once again that they’ve found the formula for flummoxing everyone always.

We react predictably, either with tolerance in the name of civility, gut fury, or by walking away in disgust. The troll exhibitionists are prepared for everything we serve up. That’s what their formula is all about. They pretend it’s about high-minded principles and policy but, of course it isn’t.

It’s a formula for faking invincibility, the same bag of cheap tricks Trump uses. They’re Trump wannabes. Watching right wing pundits and leaders is what first turned them on to the exhibitionist game. Now they play it every chance they get. However decent they are in everyday life, in this sport of theirs they’re just gloataholics addicted to trollgasms.

When they go low, should you go high or low? Either way is fine with them. They know they’ll beat you any predictable way you turn. When you go high, they pretend to go higher, playing moral authority entitled not just to declare what’s true but to play last-word referee deciding what’s permissible in your “discussion” and issuing final rulings always in their favor. They control the debate, steering always to where they can prove to themselves that they’re invincible.

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How the Right Wing Uses This Psychological Trick to Galvanize Its Base

True righteousness, like true bravery or true love, will cost you. You have to put risky, expensive effort into it or else it’s just lip service.  We each have limited effort to expend. How we expend it is the true expression of our priorities.

But between true righteousness and mere lip-service there’s a bargain alternative: Token righteousness. Pick some easy, trivial issue and crusade on it pretending that it’s the highest priority, the most epic concern. With token righteousness, you can pose as if your bravely, lovingly saving the world without having to prioritize the truly daunting threats to it.

You can collect a whole charm bracelet of trinket issues to make yourself feel like you’re covering all the marks of righteousness. Here’s one for justice, one for care, one for compassion, one for bravery. Collect enough and you can pretend you’re world-encompassing.

Movements have to grow to stay newsworthy and formidable. Movements often overcount their membership or offer trinket premiums for joining – a tote-bag, a magazine subscription.

For recruitment, the right wing offers charm bracelets of trinket causes as their membership premium, a collection of easy, low priorities that they inflate to existential status. Members tinkle their little charm bracelets as if tolling the bells of epic righteousness.

Some of the current trinkets:

For bravery: Defending the second amendment.
For civil rights: LGBT bathrooms.
For national defense: Barring immigration.
For care: Anti-abortion.
For defending tradition: Anti-gay.
For fiscal responsibility: Anti-welfare to others (they’d like to keep their own).
For compassion: Devotion to Christ and care for fellow members of their self-righteous exceptionalist cults.
For Truth: Faith in the bible.
For freedom: Corporate libertarianism.
For patriotism: Upholding the flag and opposing the bended knee.
For global concern: Anti-Islam, anti-communism.
For justice: Lock her up.

The charm bracelets give right-wingers the impression that they’ve covered all bases and therefore must be prioritizing. Of course, they aren’t. Standing against abortion, they feel free to ignore all of the deathly havoc their causes cause.

Compassion and care? Prioritizing would put climate crisis and nuclear threat at the top of the list. Not for the trinket jinglers. For them, it’s the anti-abortion fight, compassion for the torture of Christ and generosity for fellow cult members.

They’re doing what psychologist Otto Rank called “partializing,” making their little something everything. It’s telling that the right choose to call being anti-abortion being pro-life as though protecting fertilized eggs is all it takes to protect life.

That’s the point. Armed with their mighty trinket charm bracelet, they never have to think beyond their trivial causes. They use their trinkets to pivot debate. You bring up a priority and they shake their wrists at you at you saying “yeah, but what about this?!” pointing to one of their misplaced token priorities.

Trinketing is a form of threat displacement: Rather than facing a formidable threat, you dissociate and self-sooth by obsessing about some more manageable threat. Rather than facing your own complicity, you project it on to others. They’re the real criminals. Lock. Them. Up!

As teens, many of us started caring about the world’s woes by witnessing one injustice or another. More seasoned activist recognize in teens a certain naivete, puppy care much like puppy love, falling hard for the first one you met. The teens will soon grow out of it. Some of us stay single issue forever but most of us grow out of it. Teens who wake up to the woes of the world through a single issue eventually come to see it as one of many.

Some begin to prioritize. Others balk and walk away learning how not to care. Real prioritizing is hard, that has always been the left’s problem and a source of our inability to galvanize and focus for long.

Of course, some of us found our issues through direct threat to ourselves and our loved ones, for example, #MeToo movement, #MarchforOurLives movement or the Vietnam war for older generations. You’ll notice that the right’s trinket issues are not a source of direct threat to those wearing the charm bracelets. They don’t have the moral equivalent of legal standing on most of these issues. They’re not directly or indirectly oppressed by any of the threats they jingle. They have to exaggerate the threat to them personally to gain any credibility. That’s why you get this perverse argument that their right to not be offended is a higher priority than a gay person’s right to marry.

Trinketing is a powerful way to galvanize the right’s token righteousness even if it has nothing to do with addressing the world’s true woes.

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