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Here are the 10 most seductive drugs — and their fascinating histories

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Are U.S. Companies Abandoning Pre-Employment Drug Screenings?

Pre-employment drug screenings, a decades-long staple of the American hiring process, may soon be a thing of the past.

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A Clean, Well-Lit Place to Smoke Rocks: North America's First Supervised Inhalation Site Opens

In response to the opioid crisis, Canada has been rapidly opening supervised injection sites, safe spaces allowing for injection drug users to consume narcotics like heroin under medical supervision.

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Is Marijuana Legalization Tied To An Increase In Pedestrian Deaths?

More pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in 2017 than in any year since 1990, and researchers believe that the legalization of marijuana for adult use may have something to do with the rise in fatalities. 

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Is the Current Opioid Crisis a Class Issue?

Recently there have been a lot of discussion about how terrible the opioid crisis is. Parents all over the country are concerned about the numbers of young people who overdose and/or die. Heart wrenching stories of families stunned by the fact that their children taking drugs to that extent. Big pharma as drug manufacturers are called, that make and sell opioid painkillers as well as other countries which ship in fentanyl are being confronted as families demand something be done. People are caught completely by surprise because they obtained their initial drugs as prescriptions and addiction was not something that happens here.

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DOJ Appointments Being Blocked Until Sessions Changes Pot Stance

In protest of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescindan Obama-era policy that recommended federal prosecutors stay out of the affairs of states that have legalized marijuana, Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner is blocking appointments to the Department of Justice. 

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Will Cannabis Replace Opioids as Painkillers?

With America caught in the throes of the opioid epidemic, researchers and drugmakers alike continue to suggest that the answer lies in marijuana-based painkillers. In fact, a number of studies also hint that medical cannabis might be the magic bullet everyone is looking for.

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Medical Marijuana Patients Are Being Told to Give Up Their Guns

Twenty-nine states and Washington D.C. now allow patients to have access to medical marijuana, but some of these patients are bumping up against a federal law that prohibits the sale of guns to people who use marijuana. 

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The Onion Takes on the War on Drugs

America’s Finest News Source has taken aim at the drug war - not just once, but repeatedly. Here’s a rundown of some of The Onion’s best jabs at drugs and drug enforcement.

Pharma Wars

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"Narcan Party" Hysteria Puts a Value on Drug Users' Lives

While the country is obsessing over the idea of “fake news,” let’s talk about some actual fake news: Narcan parties. Increasingly, media outlets are publishing stories with attention-grabbing headlines such as Narcan Parties Becoming Disturbing Trend, Police Say and People Intentionally OD to be Revived at ‘Narcan Parties.’ The stories usually involve grave reports that the increasing availability of Narcan (naloxone), a medicine that reverses opioid overdose, is causing people to overdose on purpose because they know that Narcan can be used to save them. The reports often originate from paramedics and law enforcement responding to overdose-related 911 calls, though most harm reductionists and drug users vehemently deny the existence of so-called Narcan parties. So who is telling the truth?

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